my hobby 2

Thank you for visiting here while I was not updating. Before the spring comes. the climate is very changeable. This weather, hey fever and the repeated disappointing news made me tired. So I stay away from the news and relax!

I'll write about my pottery. It continues from `my hobby'.

After making a shape, I shave the bottom and side of the bowl.

I shave the outer rim at first then inside.

Now you see the bottom! It took about an hour to do this. I'm rather slow...

I wanted to paint inside the bowl. There are several timings to paint. One just after shaving. Second after the first firing before glazing. Third after the 2nd firing.  I painted the bowl with colored clays before the first firing.

Can you guess what it is?    It's rape blossoms!! 

On the way to the pottery class, rape blossoms are in full bloom. The seed of rape blossoms were scattered around the wall of a construction site. A big department sore will be open in a few years here. Many small shops and restaurants had to be relocated for that. An owner of the barbecue restaurant near this area scattered the seed last Oct. secretly.
The beautiful yellow color gives pedestrians joy and happiness now. It definitely gives me a peace of mind during this hardship. So I wanted to depict this scene to remember this moment.

I hope I can get the color beautifully.


  1. HI, Chiaki, you´re a excellent translator , painter and potter!

  2. Thank you, Lubica! I have no tours now so I enjoy my hobby!!