We are not alone!

Sun came out again today!
Thank you for shining us brightly!!

Thank you very much for keeping sending love and light all the time to us!
We know and feel a much support and prayer surging over us and Japan from all over the world.

I like to update my situation more often but my area started the planned blackout. It is the 3rd day today and no electricity comes from 12:20 to 16:00. Since it is changed everyday, we have to check it out. And based on it, the train timetable is changed. I haven't gotten on train yet since the earthquakes. No urgent job now but it's still scary... The electricity in most parts of Japan is working properly but all Japanese now save the energy and don't waste anything!  If you can do something more, please save energy and don't waste anything! Because we live in the same planet!!

Although my area wasn't damaged by the earthquakes, the situation will never get better. No more gasoline were sold and my father bought a bicycle to commute. No more kerosene for heater. We still have air-conditioning without kerosene but many try not to use it because we started to be afraid of the effect of radiation just in case. We dry laundry outside but no more laundry can be found now. It is very quiet in my neighborhood.

The thing I can do right now is to live this moment. Many Japanese like to do something to help people living in the devastated areas. But it causes confusion and chaos and people stay while doing whatever they can do, like praying and donating.

Another thing is to heal ourselves. We were all hurt even though we still can stay safely inside the house.
Not only Japanese but also people all over the world were hurt mentally by our news. Many of us didn't notice it but we are all connected and we can feel each other's pain. And our planet feels our pain too.
Please heal your pain and release it.

Last thing I can do is to pray. I pray by myself and with my spiritual friends together.
Tonight we all pray together for our nuclear power stations. Our intent is to thank the nuclear power, hug them with love and light and release them in our heart.
Anger and Sorrow never solve anything. Only Love can show us the future path.
When I just realized it, one of my best friends realized it at the same time and suggested, `let's pray together!'  After we wrote it in our Japanese-language blog, many people agreed with us even though we've never met each other and introduced it in their blogs. We pray together for our nuclear power stations and our future at 23:00 to 23:20(Japan time) tonight. If you agree this idea, let's pray together!! Not only today but also everyday, on our own pace, we keep praying until our future filled with love comes.

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