Sun Blessings!

Last night, I prayed hard for the beautiful sunshine.
Because I wanted to show you.

In the morning, she just hid herself in clouds

Gradually, she started to show herself,
but still a bit shy. 

Finally, she decided to emerge and shine you.

Whatever weather is like, she is always there.

She always blesses you.
She always pours love and abundance over you.

Even if you don't feel any blessings exist,
they are always just besides you,
waiting for you to receive them.

Don't be afraid.

Just open your heart.
Allow yourself to receive them.

You don't need to change yourself to receive them.
You always deserve to be loved.

You have been perfect since you were born.

Before it got dark, she changed her cloth.

She looks different.
But she is always the same.

She always loves you.

I want to be like her
and shine you all the time.

Love Truly

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