the last full moon this year

Truly many things happened and are still happening on my life this year.
I can't be the same anymore.

Last month, my mother had a very high fever for a few days. Although she went to hospital both at night and daytime, her condition wasn't recovered. Then finally she became unconscious at home and taken to the hospital by ambulance. She had been almost unconscious for a few days but the doctor couldn't find the cause of a disease after many examinations. Finally he found one cause of her unconsciousness but it wasn't for her high fever. Her consciousness was gradually coming back but she still had high fever until recently.

I couldn't forget I prayed hard for her awakening and recovery on the last new moon.

Many of my friends prayed for her, helped and supported me and my family and still do the same.

Although she was awake, we still have many things to face now.

Fortunately, my tour season was over. I can devote my time to my mother and family.

She is recovering now anyway.
Please pray for my mother.

I guess many of my friends worry about me when I don't update.
I'm very fine. Although it is a hard time now, I started new relationships with my mother and my family, which is great. Now I understand my mother much better than before.

I don't think I can come back here this year.
But I'll be back next year although it takes time.

Thank you very much for everything in 2013.
I wish the rest of year 2013 and the New Year 2014 filled with Love and Peace for all of  you!!!

See you again!!

With love and light,




My life in November

November 28 was over now.

I made many decisions before sun rose.

It was a long day.

When I asked for HELP, I realized so many known and unknown persons helped and supported.

I was very surprised at that fact and was moved so much from deep bottom of my heart.

If I made any single mistake when I made decisions, I would have regretted and blamed myself now. 

Thank everyone so much sincerely.

November was full of challenges to me.

My computer was broken.

I had a doubt about cancer.
It was alright now. 
I just go back for check periodically.

So many happened. Rather bad things...

But after bad was clear, good continued.

I thought it was over but it wasn't. 

I have to face one more this month.
Still 2 more days...
I hope so...

I think it would require time and patience.

I hope it continue to the prosperity and happiness to the next year, 2014.


New Lantern at Asakusa Kannon Temple

I went to Asakusa Kannon Temple last Sunday with my good friends and sister. 
There was a painting of a lantern at that time.

I went there again with my guests today.
So I expected the same.

A brand new lantern donated by Panasonic company hung down there!!
I was impressed very much.

This is a dragon curving at the bottom of the lantern.

This is the other side and it says "Gate of Gods of Wind and Thunder!!

I also went to Hamarikyu Garden before the temple.

Then we took a water bus to Asakusa.

Rainbow Bridge over Tokyo Bay.

I visited same places with many guests.
All the memories are being piled up.
I just remembered today was a memorable day to me.
Old meet New in my memory.



I already met Santa Clause!!!

He promised that he would bring me lots of gifts on Chirstmas o(^▽^)o
And of course, presents for you too!!!


poetry reading

I joined an event on Nov. 3rd and read poetry.
An organizer uploaded the stage little by little.
The below video is the beginning of the stage and I read the first poem.

The poem was written and the video was made by the organizer.
I was just there and read it.
I was the first one on the stage and nervous a little but enjoyed very much

The poem was about the disasters of Japan on Mar. 11, 2011.

Disasters came all of sudden.
We were not ready for them.
We lost important things suddenly.
We even can't find anything remained.
They just disappeared.
We don't realize how important they were until we lost.


And piano performance.
This is his original music.


I'll introduce more when the organizer uploaded.

This is a group photo.

It was a very exciting day!


Moved around a lot

I moved around a lot by bullet train yesterday and today.

First, heading for Hamamatsu while eating a piece of apple pie.

Then I checkd the hotel and talked with a staff there.

The plant statue is in front of Hamamatsu station in Shizuoka.
This funny guy is Ieyasu Tokugawa who opend Tokugawa Shogunate government in the 17th century.
Actually his birthplace is Aichi prefecture, next to Shizuoka.
But Shizuoka had strong connections with him.

I moved to Nagoya in Aichi prefecture next and ate late lunch.

Deep-fried pork dipped in red miso on top of rice and sliced cabbage.
This style of pork is a special meal here.

Then I met gusts and moved together to Hamamatsu.

Then finished!

My dinner, fried-noodle, gyoza dumplings and beer!

View from my hotel room.

I didn't notice I could see the Pacific Ocean until next morning.

I had to leave early for Shizuoka with guests.

I wish I could see this beautiful sunrise longer.

After I took them by bullet train, today's job was done and now I'm heading back for Yokohama.

That was very unique job but I am paid well.

Now I'm free! 
I shall go shopping today!!



Venus and Crscent Moon

New Beginning

My computer broke down today.
I couldn't email by my iPhone.
Strange day today.

And wheals of my suitcase were broken.

Before new things start, things especially like electrical appliances are broken, I heard.

A few years ago, my computer broke down and I bought a new one. 
I'm sure my life was dramatically changed at that time.

I hope a good new wave is coming towards me.

I'll have my computer fixed next week since I have a tour this week.


I'm back!

I'm back from the tour!

I slept all day next day and still sleep well.
The photo below was taken at the airport.
A woman next to me is a tour leader and we have known each other for 10 years.
She has seen my growth as a tour guide and as a person.
They are coming back next autumn!!

I like to write about the tour. 
But a new project and works are waiting for me.
When I find time, I'll update little by little.

I'll join an event tomorrow. 
Many artists like singers, pianists and guitarists will join the event and it is held at a hall which capacity is 370.
I'll read poetry the organizer wrote.
I'm excited to see many talented persons!

It is a new moon tomorrow and lunar eclipse.
It must be a new beginning tomorrow.

Enjoy a powerful new moon day!!


Autumn leaves

The best view today!

Thank you for your prayer!
We are having fun time although typhoons are still here.



I knew one typhoon was approaching but now I found another one heading for Japan!!! 
2 typhoons now!!!

Unbelievable and Unusual!!

They don't seem to disappear so I should compromise... 

One of the 3 BEST scenic spots in Japan along with Amanohashidate and Miyajima.

So far, so good.
Safety is our most important priority.

I trust everything is just Perfect.
I can find brightness all the time.

Please send us your prayer☆
Thank you!!


My snacks for today

Tako is "octopus" and yaki is "baked".

A small chunk of octopus is in a small ball made of wheat.
Sauce, mayonnaise and shaved bonitos cover them.

They are very HOT!
Don't eat it by one bite.

Age is "deep-fried" and pan is "bread".

And sugar is sprinkled over it.
It was my most favorite menu of school lunch.

Both are very yummy!!
They are Japanese Fast Food.
Please try them!

Let's travel!!

I'm heading for Narita airport now and I'll meet my guests from Seattle. 

It was 2004 when I became their guide first. Most members are always same and some are new or some come back. 
They are now like my family and I'm very excited to see them again.

I highlighted and reserched places where visiting for 9 days. 
We visit Tohoku area, the northern part of Japan.
We stay at Ryokan, traditional Japanese inn and enjoy hot spring and Kaiseku meal, authentic Japanese course.

Food, Hot Soring, Autumn leaves and Laughter!!!

Until then, I enjoy Japanese green tea and Belgian waffle!

May this trip be blessed with sunshine and miracles☆☆☆


After typhoon...

After the strong typhoon, we have a beautiful weather now.

This strong typhoon left lots of damages.
It was alright in my area but when I woke up and watched the news, I was surprised at terrible damages especially  in Izu Ohima Island, which reminded me of the Great Disasters in 2011.

Today my small job took me to Odawara station. 
Autumn leaves started. 

I'll travel in Tohoku area next week. This area was damaged a lot in 2011 and I also visit Fukushima.

A bit mixed feeling.
But I enjoy autumn leaves with my beloved guests who have been my guests for 10 years.

Have Dreams!

The first strongest typhoon in 10 years was hitting Tokyo area now.

During this typhoon,

suddenly my intuition told me

Nothing I requested didn't come true.

Reconsidering my past, I couldn't remember my wishes which should have been like this but didn't come true.

Maybe the timing was different
and the details were different
from what I expected.

However main contents were the same. 

So if I don't mind details and timing,  all of my wishes will come true.

The story is different when others are included.

They have their own free will so we can't change or control them.
Just respect them.

If you like to involve someone, you should talk with them.

Have dreams!
They will come true!


my first oil painting

October has started and it is supposed to be autumn in Japan.
However the temperature still exceeds 30 ℃ due to typhoons.
Typhoon season is supposed to be over but they are still approaching.
It is getting more and more unusual weather.
I'm getting busier and a long tour will start soon.
Before that, I like to introduce my first oil painting.
I once introduced it and now show you again.
I spent 2 days to complete.
My first day...


I painted within one day.
Then I was busy and couldn't come back so soon. 2 months later, I finished it.

I was really content.

I went to buy a perfect frame for this.
I chose this one....

I was wondering to buy a silver or gold frame. A silver one was also perfect for it but very simple.
As for a gold one, the painting became gorgeous and my heart was beating.

Now I concentrate on my business. When it is over, I like to paint again!!

Art is very important in my life!
Otherwise life is boring.

Autumn is a season of Food, Sports and Art!!
Please enjoy all of them!!



Yokohama, my hometown

Yokohama is a prefectural capital of Kanagawa and my hometown.
Its population is about 3.6 million and 2nd biggest city next to Tokyo.

Yokohama has 2nd biggest Chinatown next to San Francisco.

Yokohama seaport opened in 1858 and many foreigners settled here.
In order to communicate, they brought Chinese because Japanese and Chinese communicate by writing.

There is a popular pancake restaurant here.

Yokohama is a beautiful and romantic place.

This is my most favorite place in Yokohama, Minatomirai meaning "Future of Seaport".


The color of this Ferris wheel changes a lot.
I filmed a little of its colorfulness although it is not enough to deliver its beauty.


Honestly speaking, I don't think it is very attractive for foreign tourists.
But if you stay longer in Tokyo area, it may be a good idea to feel atmosphere of seaport.





Forgive others
Forgive myself

Forgive myself for entering a new world
Forgive myself for not being together
Forgive myself for shining my talent
Forgive myself for shining myself brightly
Forgive myself for being in best timing, at best place and with best people
Forgive others
as much as forgive myself
I may be the one who is saved most



Talent, Timing & Place

She said, "It is not my place here. I should be in a higher place, which was supposed to be my right place. I was told in such a way" and she left.

Later, I heard she started a new project with other members I also knew.

She let other persons know her new project including friends I introduced her.
But she never let me know. I was totally excluded.

I thought we were close friends.

Was I in a lower place?
Did I do anything wrong to her?
Didn't I deserve to be her friend?

I was suffering.
I was thinking of the answer.

But I couldn't.

With other issues, most of the year 2013 was challenging to me.

However it seems over now.

I found the answer.

It is "Talent, Timing and Place".

Talent is shone most at right place in right timing.

Our talents are different so our right places and right timing are just different.

That's it! not higher or not lower.

Our right places and right persons are different.

Talent are fully shone when we are with right persons at right place in right timing.

I don't know what she meant. It is only she who knows the true meaning of what she said.
And she will receive what she deserves.

That's all.

I just found my talent, what I truly like and what make me truly happy.
I thought I knew it but I didn't know all.
When we know our true talent, life changing events are occurring.

Afterwards, my soul mates started contacting me.
We haven't known each other. They just appeared and are appearing.

When I am with them, I remember more what made me happy and what I liked to do.

Everything is being interacted.
We are being interacted.

Then I realized, "this is my place and my people I had been wishing for".

When I am at this point, I could translate what she said finally and I was free.

The below music was one of items to let me remember who I am and what I am.

The title is "Forgiveness".

I'll challenge new things but what I already did before with new people in the remaining 2013.






Being attracted to... 
Being pulled...

We decided Signs 
to know each other
when time comes

Powerful signs

My memories are coming back

And the meanings of  
the path to here and  
the people I've met and parted
are being discovered 

People my soul promised to meet are gathering now 


They are autographs of musicians from Wiener Streicher Solisten. 
They were my first group of artists.
After I encountered a powerful sigh, I just realized how important my meeting with them was! 

Something may have already started here...


Bashar manifest

I just found this message a friend of mine introduced in her blog.
Messages Bashar deliver are very true.

We just decide what we like to be no matter what are happening outside our world.
Please enjoy this YouTube!



Dreamy Pottery Lamp

I made pottery lamps this early year and introduced them in this article,Pottery Show.
I presented a smaller one to my friend. Then I made another small one for myself.
The title of the lamps are "Dreamy Pottery Lamp".

I placed them at my altar where I put only my favorite things.
Most of items are my handmade.

I am very excited and happy to see lamps lighted up!
So I want to share the beauty of my Dreamy Pottery Lamps with you and filmed it.
I hope you like my art works!



I love to meditate in this beautiful and dreamy atmosphere.



what I thought today

I truly feel others say to me whatever they like to say without thinking of me. 

They might not think I am hurt or care. 

I am hurt and care.

But I think it's silly and stupid to care what others think and waste my time and energy.

Thoughts and minds of people often change like clouds change their shapes frequently.

I can't make EVERYONE happy.
I can't change myself to anybody EVERYONE likes.
I can't be changed into anybody else besides who I am and what I am.

I'll be with persons who like me and think I am good.

I believe they use their judgement, theories and logics in their world not in my world.

....those are what I concluded today


Tomorrow never comes...

12 years have passed since the September 11 attacks in US in 2001.

I found the below poem on my facebook today and knew this poem was being widespread after September 11.

This poem was written by Norma Cornett Marek. Her son was drowned to death. She wrote what she wanted to tell her son and published it in 1989.

When I read it, I realized many things again like...
Live this moment.
Be honest and tell what I really think to my loved ones.
Stop and say “I love you,” “I’m sorry,” “Please forgive me,” or “Thank you”.

To us Japanese, March 11 will be the day forever to let us rethink those important things.

Tomorrow Never Comes by Norma Cornett Marek

If I knew it would be the last time
that I’d see you fall asleep,
I would tuck you in more tightly,
and pray the Lord your soul to keep.

If I knew it would be the last time
that I’d see you walk out the door,
I would give you a hug and kiss,
and call you back for just one more.

If I knew it would be the last time
I’d hear your voice lifted up in praise,
I would tape each word and action, 
and play them back throughout my days.

If I knew it would be the last time,
I would spare an extra minute or two,
To stop and say “I love you,”
instead of assuming you know I do.

So just in case tomorrow never comes,
and today is all I get,
I’d like to say how much I love you,
and I hope we never will forget.

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone,
young or old alike,
And today may be the last chance
you get to hold your loved one tight.

So if you’re waiting for tomorrow,
why not do it today?
For if tomorrow never comes,
you’ll surely regret the day
That you didn’t take that extra time
for a smile, a hug, or a kiss,
And you were too busy to grant someone,

what turned out to be their one last wish.

So hold your loved ones close today
and whisper in their ear
That you love them very much,
and you’ll always hold them dear.
Take time to say “I’m sorry,”… “Please forgive me,”
… “thank you” or “it’s okay”.

And if tomorrow never comes,
you’ll have no regrets about today.




We actually don't celebrate Halloween in Japan like people in Western Countries.

But I already started to see Halloween decorations. I feel it's a little early but cute.

Especially it was very cute! When I entered this building, I found them and stopped to film them moving.