My life in November

November 28 was over now.

I made many decisions before sun rose.

It was a long day.

When I asked for HELP, I realized so many known and unknown persons helped and supported.

I was very surprised at that fact and was moved so much from deep bottom of my heart.

If I made any single mistake when I made decisions, I would have regretted and blamed myself now. 

Thank everyone so much sincerely.

November was full of challenges to me.

My computer was broken.

I had a doubt about cancer.
It was alright now. 
I just go back for check periodically.

So many happened. Rather bad things...

But after bad was clear, good continued.

I thought it was over but it wasn't. 

I have to face one more this month.
Still 2 more days...
I hope so...

I think it would require time and patience.

I hope it continue to the prosperity and happiness to the next year, 2014.

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