book release party

I feel time has passed really fast these days.
I started to be assigned to some tours in autumn and there are many places where I don't usually visit with regular foreign tourists. So I'll start to research and visit places if necessary soon.
Until then, I like to enjoy my holiday.

Last weekend on July 20th, I attended a book release party of my spiritual teacher.
I introduced her in my blog, my mentors and friends last year.

Ms. Mamiko Mridianna published her book on June 5th, 2012.
This is her HP, Mamiko Maridianna although it is written in Japanese.
The title of the book is "Lemurian Healing".
Mr. David Bower, her husband wrote a little about Lemurian Healing in his blog.
healing & channeling

There are a variety of healing techniques and methods.
This Lemurian Healing was originally created by them
based on Signature Cell Healing taught at  Honolulu Church of Light.

David was a director of the church, one day he held a workshop and met Mamiko.
Seats were placed in a circle and they sat, facing each other.
After Mamiko bowed and looked up, her eyes met his and remembered she met him in Lemurian period.
As an interpreter of David, I often have chances to hear their romance.

I met Mamiko first in 2009 to attend her oracle cards-reading workshop.
Mamiko is an Angel Therapy Practitioner after finishing workshops of Ms. Doreen Virtue.
She taught many Japanese how to connect with their angels and guides, and how to use oracle cards.

oracle cards

Before attending her workshop, I often used these oracle cards.
And one day I wanted to know if I could use them properly and joined her workshop.
Most attendants were already therapists or would-be therapist.
Since I already had a perfect job and enjoyed my career, I had no idea to be a therapists.
But I wanted to be an interpreter of spiritual teachers.
At the end of the course, I went to her and said that I didn't want to be a therapist but an interpreter.
Surprisingly, she was looking for her husband's interpreter!
Perfect timing! I was guided!
Then since 2010, I became his interpreter and translated healing and channeling courses.

I've never talked about this side of me during my tour as a guide.
Many of you may be surprised to know this.
Or some already noticed it!

Those photos were about Lemurian Healing workshop conducted this March.
While being his interpreter, I naturally acquired skills of healing and channeling.
If I wish, I can be a therapist.
Actually I'm a certificated oracle cards therapy practitioner and Lemurian Healing practitioner.
I already had some pastel therapy workshops and did some guided meditation and gave participants messages.
But I don't plan to be a professional therapist right now.

This Lemurian Healing is being widespread in Japan and the number of practitioners and teachers is increasing.
But there wasn't proper textbook.
There were handmade textbooks but not proper ones.
Mamiko was asked to wirte a book about Lemuria and Lemurian Healing by her students.
Then finally she made it!

At her speech, she talked why she decided to wirte and how to wirte her book.
She said she was not a super healer or special person, and she was an ordinary housewife.
Because she was ordinary, she inspired ordinary people to do something and to think they also have chances to change like her.
She also mentioned some of participants that day would write or wanted to write in the future.
She encouraged us to write our own story.

We have our own story.
All stories are different.
Because it's our story, we can wirte our own story.

It was a beautiful speech!

Before her speech, David, her husband made a wonderful speech, mentioning how much Mamiko devoted herself to manifest her book.
He also celebrated the powerful healing energy this book contained.
There were many readers who experienced the healing energy because Mamiko intended to put in.
Truly when I read the first few pages, I couldn't stop crying and I felt the more I read it, the more I was purified.
Unfortunately, the book wasn't translated into English yet.
Her book included her life with her ex-husband, Lemurian Healing and work with Lemurian Goddess.

After a toast, we enjoyed eating, chatting and a lottery.

She brought some nice gifts like a purse from Hawaii.
Each gift contained a crystal and she gave a message from each crystal.

She autographed her book.
There was a long line.

While waiting, they asked David to autograph.
David gave a message to each of them.

I never lost a chance to get his message!

He wrote to me,
Your light is truly brighter than you know.

I think I knew it and said to him, "I know!"
But he said to me, smiling "No, you don't!"

I'm looking forward to seeing how bright my light is!!

It was a great party!
Thank you so much!!

I could finally reveal my other side.
But I still have many aspects!
After I met Mamiko and David, my life was and is still being enriched.
I'm happy to meet my soulmates all over the world.
Yes! You are also one of them!!
See you soon!!!


new clock!

My clock I had used for 28 years stopped yesterday.
It was an old type of battery and I don't remember if I changed a battery before.
Battery could be changed but I bought a new one today.

Looking back on my life, clocks and watches were involved in my turning points.

For example,
I was presented a watch in my dream.
When my healing friend healed me, she received a message about a clock.
My watch stopped much earlier than I expected and I had a battery changed in my real life.
No matter it is reality or dream, something in my real life was changed.

So I am looking forward to what happen when I start this new clock!

It is a New Moon tomorrow(19th) and a perfect timing for a new clock!

It seems one big cycle finished and a new cycle is starting.

I have looked deeper into myself for past months, especially this month.

I realized it was I who created my own reality.
Everything like my pain, sorrow, suffering, foolishness and indecision
was created by me to let myself experience.

People around me just cooperated with me.

After I knew this fact and When I accepted everything,
I realized I could also create everything about forgiveness, love, kindness and joy.

In this real life, others say something to me.

However, it is only I who can influence myself and my world.

The more truly I realize the fact, the more easily I become to live.

My family and friends think and say something about me when they see me changing.
But what they think and see are their world which are reflected by me.
I am just a mirror reflecting their world.


When I think and see in this way,
I can see everything objectively whoever I talk with and whatever I see.
With people who understand this fact, no more dramas which control each other are needed.

I just exist in the way as I am and reflect everything.

In order to be a clearer mirror,
I will dump unnecessary thoughts and customs, and others' influence
which have been accumulated inside me.

While the clock had been working for 28 years,
I wonder how much and how long I could be myself.

I had been influenced a lot by my family, people I met and circles I joined.

Maybe I can find my true self in me before I bought this clock.
Right now, I'm pulling out those influence from me which didn't belong to me originally.

The influence is too huge!
If I pull those things, I feel like I have nothing at the end.
But I know my true self appear after those things are gone.
So I'm molting happily right now.

The fact that my clock stopped in reality reflects what was happening inside me.
One cycle was over.

Tomorrow, I'll make my new-moon's wish list and start my new clock.
And my new time will start!


my wish on the Star Festival

The date was changed and it is July 7th.
July 7th is Tanbata, the Star Festival in Japan.
I wrote about this event a year ago.
Please refer to Star Festival if you are interested.

Orihime and Hikoboshi can meet at the Milky Way,
once a year which is July 7th.
It is said when they meet, our wishes also come true.

So many Japanese make wishes on this day.
I haven't done for many years.
But I'll try this year!

My wish is....

I build up relationships with people based on love and respect.
I attract people who treat me with love and respect
and I also treat them with love and respect.

Sometimes my self-esteem is low.
And I attract people who take advantage of and look down on me.
I decide to draw a healthy boundary and finish these unhealthy relationships.

What would you like to wish on the Star Festival?


so sad....

The latter half of this year started with bad news in Japan...

A reactor at the Oi nuclear power plant in western Japan became late Sunday the first in the country to be reactivated after regular checks since last year's Fukushima nuclear crisis, bringing an end to the halt since early May of Japan's nuclear reactors and easing power constraints.

....this is an extract from http://mainichi.jp/english/english/newsselect/news/20120702p2g00m0dm013000c.html

No nuclear power station working ONLY for 2 months!!!

The authorities said we will consume lots of energy in summer.
So we need to start again!
If not, economical growth will slow down and medical institutions will have problems.

They never say this is temporary or permanent.

We are all upset!
Across from Japan, there were and are protest demonstrations
against reactivation of the nuclear power plant.

This video was in front of the Prime Minister's official residence in Tokyo.
This protest demonstration was conducted on June 30,
a day before Oi nuclear power plant was reactivated.

I've never seen so many Japanese assemble and conduct protest demonstration.

However, our Prime Minister said, 'Just big noise today.'

TV news is reluctant to introduce these demonstrations.
Instead, they broadcast the split of the Ruling Party.

Yes! Our Ruling Party, Democratic Party of Japan was just split now
over the issue of raise of the consumption tax.

This is another concerned issue.
The bill for raise of the consumption tax was just passed.

Our electricity charge will be raised soon.
In addition to that, we have to pay for the special tax
to recover form the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Then the consumption tax will be raised gradually to 10% by 2015.
And another tax will be raised too.

The news about the consumption tax covered the reactivation of the nuclear power plant?

What and whom can we trust?

Don't we learn anything from Fukushima, Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
Actually, Fukushima is not over yet.
The fact about Fukushima is hidden.
But we are not stupid anymore.

What is our government afraid of?

But we won't give up yet!

★7.29 Human Chain Action against the Diet Building
for a Nuclear Free World

This detail is here. 

Each of us should think what i can do and what we can do.
Not much time left.