beautiful season

After cherry blossoms are over, many colorful flowers started blooming. Azaleas, wisterias and irises..... They bloom much earlier than usual.
I usually feel sad when cherry blossoms are finishing but soon realize although all blossoms are gone, green leaves under them bring me another joy. Mountains start being covered with green again. I really love this season. Since my birthday is May, I believe I could smell flowers before I was born and was looking forward to being born in this beautiful world.


I finally lighted up my pottery lamp today! I cleaned my room and set it beside my bed. A variety of reflections are so dreamy and romantic. It is a full moon tomorrow and a perfect timing to do meditation with this beautiful lighting.

I presented one lamp to my friends I respect. I'm very glad they like it. Now I'm making one more lamp and it will be the last one. I'm thinking what I will make next.


While I didn't update my blog, I traveled all over Japan and enjoyed viewing beautiful nature. This weekend I'll be an interpreter for a healing workshop. After that, I think I have some time to relax at home and to do art works. But I have to get prepared for June when I'll try new things again!

Although I can't often update, I'll be alright and enjoy my life.

I wish you all the happiness and joy!