angel of truth

This is today's sun. I haven't taken photos of sun for many days. I even forgot it.
Many things were happening to me these days. Actually things changed mentally rather than practically.
Right now, I have no tours and I can choose whatever I like to do. However, the situation in Japan is not improved yet. The atmosphere in Japan is still depressed.

`Golden Week' is coming soon. From Apr. 29th to May 5th, we have a holiday-studded week called `Golden Week'.

April 29 is `Showa no Hi' which is used to be the birthday of ex-Emperor, Hiroshito.
May 3 is the Constitutional Day.
May 4 is the Green Day.
May 5 is the Children's Day which is used to be Boys' Day until WW2.

Some office workers use paid-holiday and take 10-day holiday if they wish.

This period is usually busy tourists season but in addition to the disaster, due to increasing the price of gasoline, much less people travel.

Our spirit and mind are not stable yet. We are easily damaged by the outside factors.
But I believe when we can find ourselves and our value in spite of what is happening outside, those stability and trust reflect the world outside and Japan will be stable and safe.
This world is a mirror which reflects our inside.
Each of us has power to change our world by changing our inner world.
Focus on love, light and hope inside of ourselves.

I often use cards to get messages. Today's message is `Angel of Truth'.

The message of `Angel of Truth'
What do YOU like to do?
Find your own true desire and feeling!

 I like to find what I like to do and put importance on my own value.
Actually I already made plans to do but still not enough.
I realize I am much more powerful than I thought.


Saluti dal Giappone

This is YouTube for Italian. My coworkers(I don't know them personally) did their best to advertise Japan trip. The scene was taken in Kyoto. The area is intact and everything is normal now. If you like to go there, Kansai International Airport is convenient.

I'm sorry I don't understand Italian. So I can't tell what they are talking about. But the sites are some of the best spots to visit!


Spring Art Craft Fair

Today, I went to help my pottery school which joined the Spring Art Craft Fair.
Last night, it was raining heavily but it was sunny today.
However, I had to stay outside and felt very cold!

They were all theachers' handmade cups and bowls. Some of them were for children.

It is good for children to use real cups and bowls rather than plastic ones. Their sense will be improved.
Children themselves held cups, enjoyed the texture of pottery and chose what they liked.

There was a corner where people try making whatever they like to make by electric wheel.
Teachers help them and even small children can make something.
After making a shape, shaving and glazing will be done by teachers.

You can try painting too! It's fun to make your original bowl and cup.

I have been making pottery for 5 years. I'm not good but I love the texture of the clay.
Although I have stress and am disappointed, I can forget everything and refresh while making something. It's good to have hobbies which help you balance your social life with private life.
I'll start pastel painting next!


Sites of current Japan

Cherry blossoms were over in my area but beautiful flowers started blooming. My favorite season has come!

It is actually one of the best seasons to come to Japan. However, we had half numbers of foreign tourists last month compared to the same month of 2010. Japan rely a lot on the tourism industry. However, we can't expect when they are coming back.

The authority said the situation of the nuclear power plants will be settled in between 6 and 9 months according to their plan.

I live in Kanagawa Prefecture, south of Tokyo. I can live normally here. I drink tap water.
However, there are still lots of earthquakes here in my area. Some say they are aftershocks and others say there will be another big one. Some earthquakes have different epicenters from the first one.
Anyway, we can't predict. When they come, they come.
Basically, Japan is a volcanic country with 80 volcanoes and 7 volcanic belts.

Compared to the northern part of Japan, it is safe and peaceful in the western part. People in the west live normally and peacefully. If you like to come to Japan, I recommend you come to the west. There are much less tourists and you can enjoy the pure Japanese atmosphere.

This is the site of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
It tells you `Measurement of Radiation Doses around Airport in Japan' and so on.

This is `Japan Now on Video' of Japan National Tourism Organization(JNTO)

I hope you can get some information about us and Japan.
If you like to ask some questions, please feel free to contact me by email and comment.


alomost Full Moon

It's going to be a full moon on Apr. 18. I love the moon cycle. When it is the day of the new moon, we make wishes and while the moon is waxing, we picture our wishes are coming true.
When it is the full moon, this is the day when we release unnecessary thoughts, emotions and old patterns which don't work any more. When the moon is waning, it's good for diet, beauty and so on.
There are many books which tell us how to use the moon cycle.

Japanese had used the lunar calender until 1872. We had the seclusion policy until 1868 and under this policy, only China, Korea and Dutch were allowed to come to Japan. However, in 1853, the Americana Commodore, Perry came to Japan and there was a big change.
I abbreviate it here.
Anyway, we opened our society to foreign couturiers and Western culture were flooded into Japan.
And the Samurai Society ended.

The solar calender was one of them which came to Japan at that time. According to the new solar calender, the new government proclaimed the day of Dec. 3rd, 1875 became Jan. 1st, 1876.
A- month difference is big!! The agricultural society still conduct seeding, harvesting and so on based on the lunar calender. Our traditional Japaneses calender has 2 dates of the solar and lunar calenders.

The solar cycle is new to our DNA. I prefer living with the moon cycle to the solar cycle. We celebrate events like New Year twice by the 2 cycles. More and more of us realize how easier to live with the moon cycle than with solar cycle and like to go back to old times.

Especially after this disasters, we look back to old days and learn how old people lived. Some devastated areas can't get water, gas and light yet. People there have to go to river to get water and gather and cut wood for fuel. They started to grow food by themselves.

Even in other areas which haven't damaged, we start to think how to manage by ourselves because we may not have enough electrical power this summer. The planned blackout was canceled now but it may start again anytime in the future. I believe we'll abandon the nuclear power. There were and will be demonstrations against the nuclear power in Japan. As many notice, we are very peaceful citizens and there haven't be demonstrations like this for many years. They are not wild type of demos and they are more like Peace Walk.

It is a bit off topic of today. Anyway, I like to say we can find out good merits in old life patterns.


Sakura near my home

Cherry blossoms, Sakura near my home are also very beautiful. Cherry-blossoms tunnel!

Cherry blossom last only for 2 weeks so they are ending soon. Before ending, the scenes of blossoms rain, blossoms carpet, blossoms everywhere are very dreamy, which is my most favorite moment.


The love for cherry blossoms are deeply rooted in our DNA. Many poets have composed poems related cherry blossoms since ancient period.
And cherry blossoms end without hesitation which matched the Samurai Spirit. Samurai, warrior always prepared for dying at the battle fields without hesitation.

We enjoy all the process of cherry blossoms, Sakura from beginning to ending. After the blossoms are gone, we still enjoy its leaves called Hazakura, Leave Blossoms.
After Sakura, many beautiful flowers like azaleas, irises and hydrangeas start to bloom. Beautiful season has come!


Hanami in Kamakura

I went to Hanami, cherry-blossoms viewing in Japanese, in Kamakura last weekend. The weather was nice and cherry blossoms were in full bloom.
Kamakura is 57km(36mil) southwest of Tokyo and the first Shogunate site. The first Shogun, generalissimo, opened his government in Kamakura in 1192 while Emperor was still in Kyoto.
We had 2 tops but the absolute power was possessed by the Shogun.

Dankazura, one-step higher street

In Kamakura, we must visit Hachimangu Shrine, which was the Shogun's family shrine. There was one-step higher street called `Dankazura' on the way to the shrine. Long time ago, this area was swamp and the first Shogun, Yoritomo Minamoto, made this street for his pregnant wife in prayer for her easy delivery.

Along this street, cherry blossoms are planted. People enjoy walking and viewing at the same time.
It was my dream to walk this cherry blossoms tunnel. I usually travel outside of Tokyo with my tourists or although I visit here, I don't have time to walk with them. So this year, finally my dream came true!!

the other end of the street and Torii, shrine gate

sugar-coated strawberry

old ginkgo trees and main edifice of shrine

This part is one of the highlights of this shine. You see two old ginkgo trees on the left side. It was originally one ginkgo tree. You see the picture below.

1000 year-old ginkgo tree
This old ginkgo tree was toppled down on Mar. 10, 2010 due to heavy rain and wind. It was a shocking news at that time because we love that tree very much. When the tree was replanted, 1000 people assembled here to pray for its rebirth with Shinto priests.

Thanks to their prayer, the trees have green again! The photo was taken on May 2010. I was very happy and excited to see them.
Exactly a year later, we had earthquakes. What a coincidence! Like this ginkgo tree, after receiving lots of prayers, I hope Japan will be reborn too!

peonies and cherry blossoms

There is a peony garden we have to pay for. Peonies are also at full bloom. It was worth paying.

cherry-blossoms' reflection in the pond


my little sister and me

We enjoyed Hanami and delicious lunch after this. While cherry blossom are blooming, I'll wander about.

the best photo of the day, I believe



my coworkers

Sakura, cherry blossoms in Japanese, are beautiful all over Japan. I went to Kamakura for cherry-blossoms viewing. I haven't seen so many people since the earthquakes that I felt we were recovering. I'll post my photos later.

Today I'd like to show you the YouTube my coworkers made. They are tour guides like me and all their tours of the year including the autumn ones were canceled after the earthquakes, tsunami and the nuclear power plants. Then they got together and let the world know `Japan is safe. Please come back!'.
I wasn't there but I know most of them. In my opinion, whether people feel Japan is safe or not is all up to them. I can't push. But once you are in Japan, you feel the atmosphere is mild and quiet, which I like. People are more patient and take care of each other.
One month will have passed since the big earthquakes at 14:46 on the 11th of March, which we can never forget.

This is another YouTube for beautiful cherry blossoms in Asakusa, Tokyo. Please enjoy it!


A Song for Japan

Cherry blossoms are very beautiful in Japan now. It started blooming from the south and in Hokkaido, the northern island, we can enjoy the blossoms in May.
When cherry blossoms are in bloom, the weather is usually changeably. It wan windy today and will be rainy tomorrow. We always wait for the best timing for the cherry blossoms viewing. If the weather is good on Sunday, I like to go to Kamakura to enjoy the blossoms.

I usually travel with cherry blossoms all over Japan but all the tours were canceled after the earthquakes. No tourists in group come to Japan. A few private tourists are found in Kyoto area. I don't have enough chances to see cherry blossoms this year. I'm crazy about all species of cherry blossoms.

We still have earthquakes almost everyday. Last night, we had a big earthquake. The magnitude at the epicenter was 7.4. There was Tsunami warning but there was no problem.

I was among the generations who didn't know wars and serious crisis. My mother was born during the Second World War, she was evacuated in Hokkaido with her parents and she had a hard time, she said.
But now all the generations in Japan go through hardships. When I was on the train, I heard a teenager said she would like to live for at least 10 more years. Everything was changed only in one moment. Now many of us realize we don't know the next moment. Therefore we appreciate each moment now.

There are many songs to encourage Japan at YouTube. Some of them are linked to many blogs in Japan. All of us encourage each other. Now the slogan I often see and hear is `Hitotsu ni naro Nippon', which means `Let's become one, Japan'.


my mentors and friends

3 weeks have passed since the earthquakes.  Mr. Sarközy, French President and the specialists of the nuclear power stations arrived in Japan to help us. If our situation was very severe, he might not have come, some think.
As of today, 11,600 died, 16,400 still missing and 168,000 are evacuated. Japan's Self Defence Force and US Army started searching the missing for 3 days from today.

In Japan, the fiscal and school year start in April. During this situation, many feel new start from today!!

Tomorrow, I'll be an interpreter at workshop. After the earthquakes, my tours were canceled. So I'm happy to work!

Mamiko, me and David

Mamiko and David are my mentors and friends, living in Hawaii. I met Mamiko 2 years ago at her workshop.
Many participants liked to be a counselor after the workshop. However, I didn't like to be the one.
After the workshop was over, I went to her and said that I wouldn't be a counselor but an interpreter of spiritual teachers. I didn't need to say that but I couldn't resist it.
The funny thing was she was looking for an interpreter for her husband, David.
I met David last year and started working as his interpreter since then.

They are in Japan now. Many of their family, friends and coworkers stopped them from coming to Japan during this situation. But they came and will have workshops for 4 days from tomorrow.

The workshops are about spiritual healing. Some of you wonder what it is.
According to this healing they invented, our body consists of 4 bodies, physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body. We'll heal and balance all 4 bodies by using special techniques.

While I'm his interpreter, I automatically acquired this skill.

If I have chance, I'll write about it later.

I won't be able to update for a few days.
But don't worry! I'll be OK!