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Sakura, cherry blossoms in Japanese, are beautiful all over Japan. I went to Kamakura for cherry-blossoms viewing. I haven't seen so many people since the earthquakes that I felt we were recovering. I'll post my photos later.

Today I'd like to show you the YouTube my coworkers made. They are tour guides like me and all their tours of the year including the autumn ones were canceled after the earthquakes, tsunami and the nuclear power plants. Then they got together and let the world know `Japan is safe. Please come back!'.
I wasn't there but I know most of them. In my opinion, whether people feel Japan is safe or not is all up to them. I can't push. But once you are in Japan, you feel the atmosphere is mild and quiet, which I like. People are more patient and take care of each other.
One month will have passed since the big earthquakes at 14:46 on the 11th of March, which we can never forget.

This is another YouTube for beautiful cherry blossoms in Asakusa, Tokyo. Please enjoy it!

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