Pottery Show

A pottery show held by my pottery school started on 27th.
About 80 students displayed their art works.
It opens until 31st at Sagamiono, Kanagawa prefecture.

They are photos from the first day.


For the pottery show, we all have to make dishes for noodles like pasta, soba and udon noodles.
I made a set of pasta plates. 

A special technique is required by using Japanese paper.
By using it, we can repeat making the same patterns.
After painting is over, they are glazed and being fired again.
In order to get better blue color, the 2nd firing should be deoxidized.

I love painting along with making pottery.
I applied the technique I learned from pastel painting to these plates.

And as for the free theme, I made 2 pottery lamps titled "Dreamy Pottery Lamp".
I explained how I made these lamps before.Pottery lamp
After they were fired once, I glazed them.
But all the holes were covered by glaze and I had to open them again by blowing and poking. 

The whole lamp were put together and fired.
Therefore, we had to remove the bottom part later.
It was very difficult and impossible to open the part without cracks.
My teacher, the owner of this pottery school did his best to open both of them.

There are 5 teachers at school. All are very good teachers and potters.
They are works of teachers.

Now I'll show you the lamps with light!!


Beautiful!!!! I'm satisfied 1000%!!!!!
After the show is over, I enjoy these 2 lamps at home!!
I'll be on the road soon.
I have 2 tours without break and won't come back home for 2 weeks....
From tour to tour. I'm packing 2 suitcases now.
After I'm back and have time, I'll report.
Or you can check my facebook.
I'll be friends only with people I actually met but I'll open some articles to everybody.
I wish all of you Happy Easter and Joyful April with many flowers!!!


my another job

I have been a tour guide since 1998. My main job is escorting groups of foreign tourists in Japan.

Around 2007, I also started another job, which was an interpreter for spiritual teachers and artists. I haven't mentioned this job to my guests. But this spiritual-related job is blooming now. Then I like to tell you what I'm doing besides a tour guide.

This is the blog of a spiritual teacher I have worked for since 2010.
Why I love to teach healing.

He and his wife started this healing technique called "Lemurian Healing"

According to this healing, we consist of 4 bodies, which is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. By sending energy, we treat these 4 bodies and let them be in perfect conditions. We also send the healing energy to a client's pineal gland. We believe there is Creator's cell in the pineal gland. The Creator's cell has his/her blueprint and perfect information about his/her physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The energy and light we sent activate Creator's cell to let him/her remember his/her blueprint and follow it. During the healing, we also receive messages from a client's higher-self, guides, angels and so on. There are hands-on and long-distance healing. Because in spiritual world there isn't concept about space or time, we can send energy and later a client can receive it whenever they like to receive it.
This is 4 days healing workshop, 2 days of basic and 2days of advance.

I made long explanation short.
These are photos of healing workshop last year.


If you hear this kind of story for the first time, I sound very crazy.
That's why I don't often talk about it.

But this year, I'll have more chances as a spiritual interpreter. So I thought I should be proud of this job and let many know.

A funny thing is people I worked with as a tour guide started to be interested in my another job.

I believe living in reality with the idea of spirituality makes your life much easier. I like to mix them and let people know how to use spirituality in reality.

One more thing!
While I am an interpreter about healing and channeling, my healing and channeling abilities naturally bloomed. Then now I provide counseling sessions and workshops.

Next healing workshop is held in April. I travel and interpret next month. I love this balance!
Then in May, I start working on my first book!! My life is full of excitement and happiness!!

I wish your life be full of excitement and happiness too!!



Tsukiji Fish Market

I started to become busy again because tourists finally came back.
Now I have a week to prepare for upcoming tours and interpreting jobs.
Once April starts, non-stop!!

Last week, I went to Tsukiji Fish Market. I had to wake up very early.
I stayed at hotel in Tokyo at night before because I was not in time for the tuna auction even by the first train.


alive white fish and squid

Bluespotted Cornetfish

fresh tuna auction
In order to see the tuna auction, there are certain procedures. Please check Market Guide.
Only the first 120 people can see the FROZEN tuna auction.
On this day, the tour leader had a special connection with a worker there and we had a special arrangement. The tour leader was Japanese,  an authority on Japanese cuisine and a chef-instructor in USA. Her members came to Japan to enjoy a variety of Japanese food.
The movement of this auctioneer was very funny. Please enjoy watching him! 

A shop of a tour leader's friend bought a huge tuna fish. We had a chance to see dismantle it.




Then at last, we all tasted slices of tuna! DELICIOUS!!!!!

I had never seen the fresh tuna auction and the process of being sliced.
Everything was SPECIAL even to me!!!

I hadn't worked as a tour guide for 2 years although I did only a few tours a year.
The reason why I didn't have tours past 2 years was not only because tourists didn't come to Japan due to the disasters in 2011 but also because of comapnies' harassment.

I have very good guests all over the world, rich, famous, at high position. Whenever they come back, they request me. Companies don't understand why I am liked and requested.  Then they are mean to me.

It happened again.... They were mean in the beginning, then later got jealous and finally forced me to lie to my guests to protect their position. But I can't lie and never lied.

I really hate people who change their manner and behaviour depending on people's status. I had been very patient although I was ill treated because I worked independently. But I won't be quiet anymore once I decided to come back to this job. I realized these 2 years made me really strong and smart to work with such people.

Luckily, people who were mean to me left, were transferred.... And people who were kind to me or don't know me started to give me tours. People don't change easily but systems, companies and organizations change and renew people.

To me, the position, fame and status don't matter. I am always same to everybody. And I like to be with nice people with warm heart.

I love what I'm doing and I love to see my guests smile. I'm happy when they are happy.

You are all my guests.



Spring has come!

Cherry blossoms started blooming in Tokyo, which is much earlier than usual.
When I see cherry blossoms, I feel cold winter has left and warm spring has come.
Spring is my most favorite season because many flowers start blooming!

The fiscal and school year in Japan start in April. April is the month of new start.
I start new projects this year!

One of my dreams is to publish my book. I decided to self-publish my book.
I like to publish a book to make my guests to remember the days in Japan and attract future tourists to Japan.

One of my buds just bloomed like this cherry blossom.

Please support me, my dear friends all over the world!!



Time is continuing

Mar. 11, 2013
2 years have passed since the earthquakes and tsunami.

At 2:46pm, we offered a silent prayer.

I was at train station.
All trains stopped at 2:46pm for a disaster drill.

At that moment, I was thinking of the day.

Earthquakes and tsunami
Many lives were taken.

Survivors are still suffering.

At 2:47, I thanked my time still continued.

Golden Pavilion

I went to Kyoto with my guests last week.
It was my first visit here since 311.

Foreign tourists started coming back this year.

I feel my time started tick-tacking again.

I pray for World's Peace.

Each one of us can contribute to it.