my hobby 2

Thank you for visiting here while I was not updating. Before the spring comes. the climate is very changeable. This weather, hey fever and the repeated disappointing news made me tired. So I stay away from the news and relax!

I'll write about my pottery. It continues from `my hobby'.

After making a shape, I shave the bottom and side of the bowl.

I shave the outer rim at first then inside.

Now you see the bottom! It took about an hour to do this. I'm rather slow...

I wanted to paint inside the bowl. There are several timings to paint. One just after shaving. Second after the first firing before glazing. Third after the 2nd firing.  I painted the bowl with colored clays before the first firing.

Can you guess what it is?    It's rape blossoms!! 

On the way to the pottery class, rape blossoms are in full bloom. The seed of rape blossoms were scattered around the wall of a construction site. A big department sore will be open in a few years here. Many small shops and restaurants had to be relocated for that. An owner of the barbecue restaurant near this area scattered the seed last Oct. secretly.
The beautiful yellow color gives pedestrians joy and happiness now. It definitely gives me a peace of mind during this hardship. So I wanted to depict this scene to remember this moment.

I hope I can get the color beautifully.


my Brazilian friends

For my friends all over the world,

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and praying for my safety and Japan's bright future!
Most of my friends visited Japan and I was a guide at that time. Some of you tried to find me after the earthquakes and offered lots of help. I can't find any proper words to thank your kindness. I really appreciate all of you! At the same time, I'm glad to have kept working as a tour guide.  I once retired due to my illness in 2005 and tried to find another way. But I realize how much I love meeting people and traveling around. After I recovered fully, I cam back! I met some of you before and  some after my interval. Since I keep all itinerary and name lists, I can remember all of you instantly! Again, thank you very much for keeping in touch with me!!

Many Brazilians visit my blog since the earthquakes. So I like to introduce my best Brazilian friends, Lais and Marina! They are mother and daughter and visited Japan together in 2009.  We met in Tokyo and traveled together in Nikko, Kamakura, Mt. Fuji and Hakone.

me and Lais in Nikko

Lais, marina, me and our driver
picnic lunch

Great Buddha in Kamakura

Lais & Marina
We enjoyed Udon noodle lunch in kamakura.


authentic Japanese night
We enjoyed hot spring!


I had a great time with you, I could spend like a family!! I hope I can see you again in the best place at the best timing!! Muito obrigado. Eu o amo muito!!


We share the same planet

This is the photo of  `Super Moon' on Mar. 20th taken in USA. One of my American friends emailed me yesterday.

Although we live in different countries,
we see the same moon.

 We share sun, moon, sky and sea.
We share the same planet.

Your pain is not only yours but also ours.

We have never been separated.
We are all closely connected.

Your happiness is ours too.

Let's imagine our love shine brightly on our planet!



my hobby

Today, I went to a pottery(ceramics)-making class for the first time since the earthquakes. One of my hobbies is pottery-making and I have done for 5 years.

These are my works of pottery.  The clay one in the middle was just made today, which is a medium-size bowl. The green plate is completed. I love the color! I used two types of glaze to get this color. The other 3 stuff should be glazed. There are several steps to complete. I'll show you how to make pottery step by step.
Today I just made a bowl of clay and next I'll scrape it.

It was fun to talk with somebody besides my family. One of my teachers is from Fukushima where the nuclear power plants are located. His family is OK but have much harder time getting food and fuel because most tracks refused to drive in that area.

It's gradually recovered in my area. I can find more food and get kerosene although the amount is limited.
The planned blackout is scheduled everyday but it is often canceled. It's all up to the balance between supply and demand. we all try to save energy.

I felt like eating some junk food after the class!!

Thank you very much for always praying for my safety!!!
I'm fine both mentally and physically. Slowly I try to go back to the daily life.


Super Moon

Before Super Moon, I like to show you beautiful scenes of yesterday.

Sun on Angel feather-like Cloud

Beautiful Sunset

Almost Full Moon

Angel feathers over Moon

It's going to be a full moon at 03:10 on Mar. 20th(tonight, Japan Time). This full moon is very special called `Super Moon'. I post YouTube at bottom to tell why it is called super moon.
I took this photo of `Super Monn' right now. Basically, a full moon has some power to help us to release unnecessary ideas, feelings like fear and sorrow, and old patterns which can't work any more. And it helps us to make our dreams come true. I like to use this Super Moon power to rejuvenate Japan and Japanese!
I believe the power of Super Moon is much more powerful than that of a full moon.

Dear Super Moon,

Please send your light
 to rejuvenate Japan and to release our fear and sorrow.
Lead us to recovery and bring us bright future.

Nuclear Boy

We know people all over the world worry about our nuclear plants.
This YouTube video tells you about our situation simply.
Some might think we are too optimistic.
But please allow us to be optimistic as a citizen.
Please keep praying for us.


Sun came out again!

We were ready for the planned blackout yesterday but the electricity didn't stop eventually in my area. It often happens but we always have to be ready for it. The funny thing of Japanese is people are really upset when the planned blackout didn't be conducted.
The angry energy make people tired and stressful. Please save that energy too! 

Today, we have the blackout twice in this area, 9:20 to 13:00 and 16:50 to 20:30. It's something like an athletic meeting, I feel. We often hear the announcement to tell what time it starts and watch news to tell which group is now during the blackout. When our turn comes, we do our best. I feel a little funny.

Last night, many of us pray together for the nuclear power stations with love and thanks. This idea is being widespread throughout Japan by blogs and twitters. We always keep praying for the nuclear power in Fukushima and eventually all over the world. They are never evil but have kept sending energy for our life for a long time. We have to find alternative energy resources as soon as possible BUT we should never forget how hard they have been working for us. Nothing Good or Bad exist. It is decided by YOU. NEVER judge but just accept as they are. Everything is just Perfect!

I like to show you yesterday's sun. I posted the last photo in my blog yesterday. Today I like to show you the process how she came out. She was hidden in the clouds but in a few seconds, she emerged.
Sun is always shining as usual and she has watched everything happening in our planet and will continue to watch.

Rainbow over the sun!
It's like our future vision.
No boundaries,  just One World!


We are not alone!

Sun came out again today!
Thank you for shining us brightly!!

Thank you very much for keeping sending love and light all the time to us!
We know and feel a much support and prayer surging over us and Japan from all over the world.

I like to update my situation more often but my area started the planned blackout. It is the 3rd day today and no electricity comes from 12:20 to 16:00. Since it is changed everyday, we have to check it out. And based on it, the train timetable is changed. I haven't gotten on train yet since the earthquakes. No urgent job now but it's still scary... The electricity in most parts of Japan is working properly but all Japanese now save the energy and don't waste anything!  If you can do something more, please save energy and don't waste anything! Because we live in the same planet!!

Although my area wasn't damaged by the earthquakes, the situation will never get better. No more gasoline were sold and my father bought a bicycle to commute. No more kerosene for heater. We still have air-conditioning without kerosene but many try not to use it because we started to be afraid of the effect of radiation just in case. We dry laundry outside but no more laundry can be found now. It is very quiet in my neighborhood.

The thing I can do right now is to live this moment. Many Japanese like to do something to help people living in the devastated areas. But it causes confusion and chaos and people stay while doing whatever they can do, like praying and donating.

Another thing is to heal ourselves. We were all hurt even though we still can stay safely inside the house.
Not only Japanese but also people all over the world were hurt mentally by our news. Many of us didn't notice it but we are all connected and we can feel each other's pain. And our planet feels our pain too.
Please heal your pain and release it.

Last thing I can do is to pray. I pray by myself and with my spiritual friends together.
Tonight we all pray together for our nuclear power stations. Our intent is to thank the nuclear power, hug them with love and light and release them in our heart.
Anger and Sorrow never solve anything. Only Love can show us the future path.
When I just realized it, one of my best friends realized it at the same time and suggested, `let's pray together!'  After we wrote it in our Japanese-language blog, many people agreed with us even though we've never met each other and introduced it in their blogs. We pray together for our nuclear power stations and our future at 23:00 to 23:20(Japan time) tonight. If you agree this idea, let's pray together!! Not only today but also everyday, on our own pace, we keep praying until our future filled with love comes.


the 4th day since big earthquakes

When I went to my nearest supermarket yesterday, nothing much was left there.  The day before, there were more things. Luckily, I bought food enough for my family for a while at that time.

Because our government announced yesterday we had 70% chance of another big earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 from 13th to 15th. and  50% chance until 20th., many people rushed into supermarkets.

Around my area, I didn't hear anything was broken(I don't know inside neighbors' house) and anybody was injured due to that big earthquakes. However it is being definitely affected.

This is the corner for bread near the entrance. Nothing!
Not only people bought all but also product couldn't be delivered due to the traffic situation.

The corner for already-made food. Nothing!

Vegetables were still there but I don't know today.

The corner for fish and shellfish. Almost gone!

Soybean products' corner. 
`Natto'(=fermented soybeans), our favorite, gone! `Tofu'(=soybean curd), some left!

Instant noodles at 2nd floor, getting fewer.

Inside the supermarket, it was dark due to saving energy.

The eastern part of Japan is running out of electricity. Needless to say, not only electricity but also gas, water are stopped at severely damaged areas. They couldn't get enough food and heat in addition to that.
Now Tokyo area is running out of electricity. Due to the frequency difference, we can't be supplied with enough power by the western part of Japan which is working alright. 

Therefore, Tokyo power company introduced the system under which 9 prefectures around Tokyo district are divided into 5 groups and the power supply should be sopped in turn.

For example, in my area, group 2, the power supply is cut from 10:00 to 13:00 and 18:20 to 22:00.
It was announced last night on TV but we couldn't get the detailed information. Then later, the leader of our area telephoned and let us know the exact time. Since my father was a leader of the district and he had to let neighbours know the information. It was the first experience! We never called neighbors.

Then we were ready for that. However, in the morning, the power company canceled the first stop and 2nd one too because you know I can use a computer right now.  But we don't know tomorrow. Anyway we should save energy!

However, all day today, many trains are stopped and we don't know which trains are operated form what time to what time. Of course, many people tried to go to office. Some clever people use a bicycle and bring an emergency bag, a helmet, one-night bag and so on.

I was supposed to go to see musical today but it was canceled. No trains are operating in my area. This situation continues for a while.

Luckily, I haven't had tours for a while so I don't need to commute anyway. According to my coworkers, they experienced this big earthquake with their guests. They had a hard time. I guess many tours in spring will be canceled.

Things I can do right now is to stay home safely and to take care of my family.
And by writing this blog, I let you know our situation and  by my Japanese-language blog, my friends and I encourage each other.

I try not to focus on bad sides. Bad sides are always with good sides, like night and day. I try not to judge good or bad, which is my philosophy. I accept everything, another earthquake or no more earthquake. Both are alright. I just accept as they are. I spend time with my family, smiling and taking care of each other.

Each of us are thinking what we can do as survivor! and promised to survive!!

Pray for Beautiful Japan

Sincerely, all the Japanese pray for Beautiful Japan again!!
We never give up hope. We keep the candle up in our heart!
People who survived know the fact we have things to do.
We promised to create New Japan and New World!!



Thank you for your prayer and support

Last night, I slept well without being woken up by tremors and mobile phones which tell us upcoming big earthquakes. People who couldn't come back home from Tokyo area arrived home safely the next day on foot and by subway(only a few were recovered). It took about nearly 10 hours for many people to walk back. But there was no chaos. People still lined up politely for buses and trains even in this state of emergency. I'm proud of being Japanese. This state of emergency made us reconsider our virtues.

The scenes of tsunami and destruction  make you worry a lot about us. Besides those areas, we live well, corporate and encourage each other although not everything is as usual. We know all over the world send us prayers and are ready to help us. Thank you so much! You are our hope.

Right now the thing which most concerns us is the nuclear power station. We can't get the detailed information yet. We know staff work very hard. We just keep praying for stopping it safely as soon as possible. Please send us prayer for it. This is our lesson we have to learn the nuclear power for the future.

The good thing is the weather is beautiful. The sun is shining today as usual.
I'll update our situation.


Earthquake in Japan

At first, I'm alright and safe at home with my family now.

A big earthquake hit Japan today. The seismic center is in northern part of Japan. I live near Tokyo but felt big tremor and still have aftershocks. All the public transportation systems were cancelled but a few of them were recovered just now(21:00). So many people can't go back home and are transported to shelters.

In my area, we don't need to worry about tsunami. But coastal districts had and still have severe damages.
There may be more tsunami coming.

I pray for no more casualties and quick recovery.

Please send us your prayer and love.

Thank you.


Sun Blessings!

Last night, I prayed hard for the beautiful sunshine.
Because I wanted to show you.

In the morning, she just hid herself in clouds

Gradually, she started to show herself,
but still a bit shy. 

Finally, she decided to emerge and shine you.

Whatever weather is like, she is always there.

She always blesses you.
She always pours love and abundance over you.

Even if you don't feel any blessings exist,
they are always just besides you,
waiting for you to receive them.

Don't be afraid.

Just open your heart.
Allow yourself to receive them.

You don't need to change yourself to receive them.
You always deserve to be loved.

You have been perfect since you were born.

Before it got dark, she changed her cloth.

She looks different.
But she is always the same.

She always loves you.

I want to be like her
and shine you all the time.

Love Truly