Autumn leaves

The best view today!

Thank you for your prayer!
We are having fun time although typhoons are still here.



I knew one typhoon was approaching but now I found another one heading for Japan!!! 
2 typhoons now!!!

Unbelievable and Unusual!!

They don't seem to disappear so I should compromise... 

One of the 3 BEST scenic spots in Japan along with Amanohashidate and Miyajima.

So far, so good.
Safety is our most important priority.

I trust everything is just Perfect.
I can find brightness all the time.

Please send us your prayer☆
Thank you!!


My snacks for today

Tako is "octopus" and yaki is "baked".

A small chunk of octopus is in a small ball made of wheat.
Sauce, mayonnaise and shaved bonitos cover them.

They are very HOT!
Don't eat it by one bite.

Age is "deep-fried" and pan is "bread".

And sugar is sprinkled over it.
It was my most favorite menu of school lunch.

Both are very yummy!!
They are Japanese Fast Food.
Please try them!

Let's travel!!

I'm heading for Narita airport now and I'll meet my guests from Seattle. 

It was 2004 when I became their guide first. Most members are always same and some are new or some come back. 
They are now like my family and I'm very excited to see them again.

I highlighted and reserched places where visiting for 9 days. 
We visit Tohoku area, the northern part of Japan.
We stay at Ryokan, traditional Japanese inn and enjoy hot spring and Kaiseku meal, authentic Japanese course.

Food, Hot Soring, Autumn leaves and Laughter!!!

Until then, I enjoy Japanese green tea and Belgian waffle!

May this trip be blessed with sunshine and miracles☆☆☆


After typhoon...

After the strong typhoon, we have a beautiful weather now.

This strong typhoon left lots of damages.
It was alright in my area but when I woke up and watched the news, I was surprised at terrible damages especially  in Izu Ohima Island, which reminded me of the Great Disasters in 2011.

Today my small job took me to Odawara station. 
Autumn leaves started. 

I'll travel in Tohoku area next week. This area was damaged a lot in 2011 and I also visit Fukushima.

A bit mixed feeling.
But I enjoy autumn leaves with my beloved guests who have been my guests for 10 years.

Have Dreams!

The first strongest typhoon in 10 years was hitting Tokyo area now.

During this typhoon,

suddenly my intuition told me

Nothing I requested didn't come true.

Reconsidering my past, I couldn't remember my wishes which should have been like this but didn't come true.

Maybe the timing was different
and the details were different
from what I expected.

However main contents were the same. 

So if I don't mind details and timing,  all of my wishes will come true.

The story is different when others are included.

They have their own free will so we can't change or control them.
Just respect them.

If you like to involve someone, you should talk with them.

Have dreams!
They will come true!


my first oil painting

October has started and it is supposed to be autumn in Japan.
However the temperature still exceeds 30 ℃ due to typhoons.
Typhoon season is supposed to be over but they are still approaching.
It is getting more and more unusual weather.
I'm getting busier and a long tour will start soon.
Before that, I like to introduce my first oil painting.
I once introduced it and now show you again.
I spent 2 days to complete.
My first day...


I painted within one day.
Then I was busy and couldn't come back so soon. 2 months later, I finished it.

I was really content.

I went to buy a perfect frame for this.
I chose this one....

I was wondering to buy a silver or gold frame. A silver one was also perfect for it but very simple.
As for a gold one, the painting became gorgeous and my heart was beating.

Now I concentrate on my business. When it is over, I like to paint again!!

Art is very important in my life!
Otherwise life is boring.

Autumn is a season of Food, Sports and Art!!
Please enjoy all of them!!



Yokohama, my hometown

Yokohama is a prefectural capital of Kanagawa and my hometown.
Its population is about 3.6 million and 2nd biggest city next to Tokyo.

Yokohama has 2nd biggest Chinatown next to San Francisco.

Yokohama seaport opened in 1858 and many foreigners settled here.
In order to communicate, they brought Chinese because Japanese and Chinese communicate by writing.

There is a popular pancake restaurant here.

Yokohama is a beautiful and romantic place.

This is my most favorite place in Yokohama, Minatomirai meaning "Future of Seaport".


The color of this Ferris wheel changes a lot.
I filmed a little of its colorfulness although it is not enough to deliver its beauty.


Honestly speaking, I don't think it is very attractive for foreign tourists.
But if you stay longer in Tokyo area, it may be a good idea to feel atmosphere of seaport.