Keep peace in our heart.

Still damages....
Supermarkets and convenient stores in my neighnbour didn't have much food yet. I'll go there early in the morning tomorrow. Since we may have another snow the day after tomorrow, I need food stock for my family.

Compared to other areas, I'm much luckier.

Kofu city in Yamanashi prefecture had the most severe damages and people there are still suffering.

Those photos below are taken randomly from twitter or Facebook.

Some areas are isolated. 
Some have blackout.

Some highways have been closed since the 14th. Drivers have to stay in a car or they could evacuate in a shelter
Volunteer groups deliver food to drivers. 

A bread delivery truck which was also stucked gave away all the bread.
This bread company "Yamazaki" have its own delivery trucks and drivers can give away food in emergency situation by their own decision, which is the company policy. 

Abnormal weather condition all over the world.

Keep hope and peace in our heart.
Everything will be alright soon.


No food...

We had LOTS OF SNOW on the Valentine's Day in Tokyo area. It was the first heaviest snowfall in 120 years!!!! Crazy!!!!! 

Last week it was said the first heaviest snow in 45 years!! The record was already renewed!!!

Then there are still lots of snow left and trains and airplanes were cancelled and delayed.   

I know some areas have more snow all over the world. But since people in Tokyo area are not used to snow, the public transportation isn't ready for it.

So look at the photo!!
No food at convenient stores and supermarkets. Maybe not in city center but in rural areas. 

Workers can't commute to factories!!!

This scene is like after the big earthquakes in 2011.

The weather forecast says we'll have another snow this coming Wednesday...
Oh no....


White Valentine's Day!

It is snowing very heavily today.
Last weekend, we also had the heaviest snowfall for the first time in 45 years.
Maybe it is my first White Valentine's Day!!
Stay warm!!


Happy Valentine's Day!!

Dearest my friends,

Happy Valentine's Day!!
Enjoy a lovely day with your beloved ones ♡♡♡

I filmed this at Odaiba in Tokyo which is a reclaimed island.
Because of the Valentine's day, there were many Hearts everywhere.

I love this view with the Statue of Liberty presented by French gov., Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower.