Happy Halloween!!

I finished the pastel class with my sister successfully today. Our students created their original picture. I'll introduce the photos of today (maybe) tomorrow.

Please enjoy the last day of October!

Happy Halloween!!


Beautiful Sunset

This was the sunset of yesterday.

When I went grocery-shopping yesterday,
the red of the sunset was so beautiful
that I tried to find the place where it started from.

I found the breathtaking beautiful sunset.

And Mt. Fuji could be seen clearly and magnificently.

I regretted not having a camera with me.
But I kept the beautiful scene in my heart so that I could paint it later. 

Clouds reflected the sunset and shone pink and red.

The upper air was still blue and the shadow of clouds had different colors.

What a beautiful world it was!!

I wish I could depict this beautiful world more accurately.

But considering I didn't have any tools to express my world,
I couldn't be happier.

My world was drastically changed after I learned pastel-painting.

At the same time, I realized words delivered only a little.

I promised myself to feel and receive by my heart
and to express this love-filled world by a variety of ways.

This world is filled with much love.

I feel that love very deep in my heart.

I trust and express that love.

Thank you for letting me notice it.




pastel therapy workshop

I finished the pastel workshop last weekend successfully.

I hold 2 types of pastel workshops. One type is just to paint pictures by pastel. The other type is not only painting but also counseling and giving messages to participants, which I call pastel therapy workshop. This therapy workshop is always full soon after I recruit participants in my Japanese blog.
It was the pastel therapy workshop last weekend. There were 4 participants. One of them who is my best friend always lends me her house for this workshop and joins the class.

I always teach the basic skill at first by painting `Circle'.  These above art works are the participants' .
All of them are unique and original! I believe all the paintings represent the painters' personality.

The second painting was `autumn leaves'. I brought real maple and ginkgo leaves to make patterns.

Then by using the patterns, they colored the leaves.

All leaves and all colors are beautiful and gorgeous!!

In my workshop, at first I always like to tell participants everything you create and yourself are perfect and beautiful as they are. 
Then when they paint the 2nd picture, I try to show them their new possibility which they don't notice yet but I can see by adding some essence in their picture.

I know it's very difficult to change their personality soon. But it's easier to notice their pattern through their pictures and to change it if they like to do so by changing how to paint.

In the beginning, I was hesitant to do so. But a few repeated to come back to my workshop and changed their real life dramatically. They encouraged me to do so.

They are my beloved students! Besides painting, I do guided meditation and give them messages by using oracle cards. That is my pastel therapy workshop! 

I'll have another workshop this weekend at the pottery studio I attend. This is just a painting class but hosted with my little sister who is also a pastel instructor.
I like to recruit more participants for this!


pastel workshop

It is my 6th pastel workshop tomorrow. I'll teach how to paint autumn leaves. I love all colors of autumn leaves, red, yellow and still green.

Since I couldn't expect tours due to the disasters, I learned pastel-painting and became an instructor.
This skill helps me a lot now. I'll have 2 more workshops this year.

I painted 2 pictures of the 2nd photo today. The first picture which isn't here was very dark and I realized I was very tired.
Then I painted again after I remembered the happy feeling. Then I could paint the much better ones now. I'm content. I'm ready for tomorrow's workshop!!

Please enjoy all the moments of the changing colors of autumn leaves!!!
It has already started!!!


Smile again!

Kobe seaport

I finished the tour in Kobe on the 14th. It was a fabulous tour and members were awesome!!
Thanks to them, I could remember many of important things, which I almost forgot.
I like to report the tour in detail but another busy days (not tours) are going to start tomorrow.
So please wait until I find time!

Dear my Australian friends,

I hope you had a safe and comfortable flight back to home!
It was a great pleasure to have met you and shared wonderful moments together with you.
Thanks to you, I remembered how to smile!

at Golden Pavilion

I smiled but now I realized I can smile more from my heart.
And I remembered how much I love this job!

with Maiko-san at Kyoto station

Thank you very much for celebrating my birthday although my birthday was 5 months ago (^_-)-☆

with Australians at American restaurant, TonyRoma's in Kyoto

I'll post more photos after Hiro sends me.

See you soon!
Keep in touch!!



I'm ready for the tour!

I feel and smell autumn wind. I'm very happy to travel in this season with my tour group.

I'll go to Narita Airport tomorrow and stay at hotel near there because guests will arrive very early in the next morning around 6:00. They are Australians visiting their plants in Japan and doing some sightseeing. Australians are very popular among tour guides because they are very peaceful and kind. Of course, people I still keep in touch with are very nice too and create and change my images of their countries.

I think my friends reading my blog are very happy to hear my tour. Many emailed and encouraged me during the hard time. One of my friends in Germany said she would offer the place to live and the job in Germany soon after the earthquakes. Although I didn't go, I was very touched at her offer. Thank you veru much!

Although we were together only for a few days or a few weeks in Japan, all of you really worry about me and check my blog. If I didn't update, some emailed and checked how I was for a few months after the disaster. Now they don't. I guess they know I'm busy and doing productive things.

Thank you very much for supporting me. you are my best friends and family.

I'll report the tour after I'm back.

I wish all of my friends in the world true happiness.



RIP Steve Jobs

Dear Steve Jobs,
Thank you very much for your great inventions.
Finally, you can have a peaceful rest.

This speech is so impressing that we can learn his life was very dramatic.


Finally, I got a tour!!! It is a-week tour in Tokyo, Kyoto and Kobe. I'm very excited!

When September started, I called a travel agent, the biggest one in Japan I mainly worked for. I expected that tourists may have come back in autumn to see beautiful leaves. I am always super busy and on the road during this season.
I asked the travel agent about the situation of this autumn and next spring. The answer was not well. Maybe a part of me knew the answer. Due to not only the nuclear problem but also the very strong yen, the tourist industries have a hard time. Things which disappointed and depressed me more were workers I often worked with quit or were transferred to another divisions. And now only ONE and NEW person assign all the tours, which there used to be several assigners depending on languages. I really realized the current situation of today! So disappointing and shocking!!

Then I started to think of changing jobs seriously, like working at company and so on. But I hate to be ordered by a boss and to do the same things everyday like getting on the same train and doing the same routine works. I actually did it and could do it but hated it. It's my personality...

Then I decided to have more pastel or another type of workshops. My pastel workshop gets a good reputation. I had 5 workshops so far and they were always full. I'll have a few more pastel workshops this year and maybe another type of workshop. If it succeeds, I'll tell you. I'll have a big event next month and I'm also planning about special things next year.

When I gave up tours and started planning other things, the tour came to me!

This world is full of Miracle!

I don't know if there are more tours. But it's alright! I realized again everything happens in perfect timing.

Things we have to do is to request what we want and what we want to do. Then just trust the universe. We can order things but better not order process. The universe decide the process and give us what we requested when we are ready to receive them.

The tour will start next week. Thank my guests for coming to Japan! Let's have a wonderful time together! All the moments will be shining!!