I'm ready for the tour!

I feel and smell autumn wind. I'm very happy to travel in this season with my tour group.

I'll go to Narita Airport tomorrow and stay at hotel near there because guests will arrive very early in the next morning around 6:00. They are Australians visiting their plants in Japan and doing some sightseeing. Australians are very popular among tour guides because they are very peaceful and kind. Of course, people I still keep in touch with are very nice too and create and change my images of their countries.

I think my friends reading my blog are very happy to hear my tour. Many emailed and encouraged me during the hard time. One of my friends in Germany said she would offer the place to live and the job in Germany soon after the earthquakes. Although I didn't go, I was very touched at her offer. Thank you veru much!

Although we were together only for a few days or a few weeks in Japan, all of you really worry about me and check my blog. If I didn't update, some emailed and checked how I was for a few months after the disaster. Now they don't. I guess they know I'm busy and doing productive things.

Thank you very much for supporting me. you are my best friends and family.

I'll report the tour after I'm back.

I wish all of my friends in the world true happiness.


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