words can deliver only a little

While I was cleaning, I suddenly thought, "Words can't deliver a lot."

People tend to believe what they can see and hear at reality.
Yes! I'm one of them.

But if we know there are more ways to communicate and trust what we receive,
our life will be enriched more.

I painted what I thought while cleaning.

For me, cleaning and painting help me to clear my thoughts and feelings.

Trust my own heart.
Trust what my heart receive.
Express what my heart truly desire.

I love art.
The more tools we have to express, the more smoothly and deeply we can communicate.
And we can send and receive loving messages.



the first full moon in 2013

It is the first full moon in 2013 today.
Actually, at 1:38pm on Jan. 27th, it became the perfect full moon.

The sky is clear today and I can enjoy the beautiful full moon now.


Not only today but also from a few days ago, I have enjoyed seeing the moon waxing.
And I wanted to depict the beauty of the full moon.

The more you release unnecessary things, the more you can shine.
It is time to unveil yourself and to show your beautiful brightness.

.....while I was painting, I felt this message.

I wish the light of the first full moon of this year reach you and shine on you.



Pottery lamp

First snow in my area yesterday!!
But it was a special National Holiday, Coming-of Age Day yesterday(14th) in Japan. To celebrate their 20th, young people wear a traditional Japanese Kimono. They woke up early, had their hair set and was dressed up. It must have a hard time for them to walk in this snow in kimono with a pair of special shoes, Zori.

It was sunny today but snow was still remained. I went to a pottery class. The school will have a pottery show at the end of March. Students are making items for the show. I'm one of them. I'm making several items and today I made a lamp but it isn't finished yet.

Last week, I made this sphere. Beautiful sphere!! There is a secret weapon to make the perfect one, which is a plastic semi-sphere. A piece of clay sheet cover the semi-sphere and when it is dry, the plastic one is removed. I make 2 of them. Then they are put together in the middle. Of course, I needed help.  

The bottom part was cut for putting a light bulb. Empty inside!!

Then I started cutting patterns.

This was my 2nd time to cut patterns. Last time, I did all by hand and my fingers were numbed.  This one was bigger than the first one. So I decided to use another secret weapon!!

Electrically-powered drill!! It became much easier to make holes!!!!

My fingers were never numbed this time! And it was FUN!!!! After 4-hours cutting patterns, I competed today's work!!

Yayyyy!! Beautiful!!!!
The white one was the first lamp after being fired once in a kiln. Then it will be burned again after being glazed. Then finally it will be completed!!
Today's one will follow the same procedure. What colour will I use for them??
I'll show you when they are completed!!! Can't wait!!!!!
Since I like to start many things and make things in some shapes this year, I won't be able to update this blog like previous years. Although I don't update, don't worry, I'll be alright. If you know my full name, please find me on Facebook. I may be a little more active there.
Let's make this year fruitful!!!!


Beautiful Sunset


It was a beautiful sunset today. We have been blessed with sunshine since the New Year's eve.
How was your New Year holiday? I hope all had a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.
This is the year of Snake in 2013. This painting of snake and a schedule book this year are from my friend who is designated as traditional craftsperson in Japan. He is originally a carver for Yuzen-dyed kimono in Kyoto. He sends me and my sister a schedule book for the past few years.
And you can see how he cuts patterns here. http://www.wadazen.com/movhori.html
At his studio, you can try to dye T-shirt!!
When I went to his studio, I found this Goddess painting and  I fell in love with it. But I thought since this was the only one, it must have be expensive. But I couldn't give it up and a few years later I asked him to sell this for me. Then I finally got this at very good price!!
I like to spend more time on artistic activities this year. And I also like to challenge new fields and meet new people in business too.
For my New Year, I went to see my niece and nephew with my sister. I haven't seen them for 3 years. They grew up a lot. They are so cute and we had a fun time together. I hope I can see them more often.

I wish the year 2012 be fantastic and all our dreams be come true in the perfect way!!!