Czech Group

This is my 13th year since I became an English-speaking tour guide. Now I escort foreign groups in Japan. I travel all over Japan with them. The longest tour is about 2 weeks now.  I prefer not working longer than that. I used to travel with American retirees for 3 weeks. When each tour was over, the season was changed. I did it for 2 years. It was a good opportunity to study many destinations but I didn't have any private life. So I quit that company. Now I try to keep a balance of public and private life.

Today I'd like to introduce one of my tours, the group of the Czech Republic. It was about one-week tour last August. It was unbelievably hot and humid last summer in Japan.

The lady on the left side is Iva, a tour escort form the Czech. During the tour, I talked to her in English and she translated into Czech.

The guests were all doctors of immunology and they understood some English. For their better understanding, Iva translated. It was something like we had 3 channels like Japanese, English and Czech.  I learnt some Czech!

The lady on the right side is Jirina, an organizer of pharmaceutical company which invited all doctors.

Czechs love alcohol!! They always drink.

Iva told me that the Czech Republic went through lots of political changes. So they don't know the life tomorrow and try to enjoy this moment.  She shares her photos of Japan trip on internet. I link them here. Please enjoy her photos! You may get a glimpse of my country. I add some explanations of the spots.


Osaka Castle

Arrival at Narita, one night in Shinagawa, Bullet Train form Shinagawa to Shin Kobe
Sightseeing in Osaka : Osaka Castle & Umeda sky building

very Japanese-style toilet
I always make a joke to tell how to use it : Squat like a catcher and aim like a pitcher
sightseeing in Kobe : Sake brewery, Japanese Garden, Kobe seaport & Kobe beef dinner

Todaiji Temple
sightseeing in Nara : Deer Park, Todaiji Temple & Great Buddha inside

sightseeing in Uji : Byodoin Temple & Tea ceremony (kind of torture for them..)

Golden Pavilion
 sightseeing in Kyoto : Golden Pavilion, Rock Garden, Kiyomizu Temple &
Geisya District

visit one of tea houses to meet a Maiko (apprentice Geisya)

anotehr bullet train to Odawara
sightseeing in Hakone : Lake Hakone, Black Eggs for long life, Hot Spring,
Mt.Fuji (Japan's highest mountain)

drive back to Tokyo
sightseeing in Tokyo :  Shinto-style wedded couple in Meji Shrine,  Harajyuku,
Imperial Palace Garden,

the statue of royal dog, Hachi in Shibuya ( the model dog of the movie `HACHI')

Tokyo Tower (symbol of Tokyo) : the hight is 333m
The 2nd Tokyo Tower is being constructed now and it'll be 634m.
Asakusa Kannon Temple and Sushi lunch

maids in Akihabara, which used to be the most popular electrical town but now is a mecca of anima and maids' cafe
last dinner at Odaiba
We have the statue of Liberty presented by French Gov., Rainbow Bridge like George Washington Bridge & Tokyo Tower like Eiffle Tower.
You can enjyo USA & France in Odaiba!

They flew back to the Czech Republic!

They were all cheerful and always enjoy the moment. We kept smiling all the time!


Talent and Attraciton

This photo was taken in Sado Island a few years ago.

Since I have 2 blogs in Japanese and English, they resonate each other now.
My friends told me this blog is good to study English. I'm happy to know that.
Today I was asked to translate what I wrote in Japanese blog into English
because she likes to enjoy the sound and melody of English. I'll do my best!
If you have any other ways to say, please let me know.
It is about talent and attraction.  I love to share this with you.

Starting this English blog made me realize
how important the connections with people are to me.
My job brings me  many opportunities
to meet many people all over the world.
I took this for granted.
When I started this guide job,
I devoted myself to my guests so much.
The devotion made me worn out mentally and physically.
Since that,
I tried to forget everything after each tour was over.
But these past years, I started to think it wrong,
and realize again how important the connection with each of you is.
I also realize
to be able to meet many people is my talent and attraction.
 I shouldn't release them and give up them for others.
It is only I who cherish and promote them.
My talents and attractions are the key
to open the new doors 
with abundance and bright future.
Like me, all of you have your own talents and attractions.
They sometimes seem to be natural or negative for you.
But others found out your attractions
and use them for their merits.
I wish all of you find your attractions promptly,
cherish them,
use them for your own merits and others
and open the new doors
with bright future.
Thank you, all my friends.


Beautiful Seasons in Japan

Thank you very much for visiting my blog. There are already access from USA, Canada, Thai, Malaysia, Czech, and Japan! I'm so happy! Keep in touch! I'll try to update more than once a week.

Now it is off-season for me. I just relax enjoying my hobbies and meeting my friends.
I'm usually very busy at cherry-blossoms season and autumn-leaves season.

In Tokyo, cherry blossoms start to bloom around the last week of March. It's difficult to predict because the timing depends on the climate.
After Tokyo, cherry blossoms in Kyoto start.
Kyoto cherry blossoms are AWESOME!!
I love them most!!!! I usually travel with cherry blossoms. But this year, I already have several short assignments during this time, I don't think a long-trip can be fit in my schedule.
Anyway I can enjoy cherry blossoms all over Japan!
I have to tell you... our cherry trees don't have fruits. We have different species of cherry trees for fruits.

Another beautiful season in Japan is autumn. It is more difficult to predict the best timing. In order to get beautiful color, the big gap between heat in summer and coldness in early autumn is required. Since the global warming is obvious these days, it's very difficult to view beautiful autumn leaves. But I can tell you leaves of last year were gorgeous everywhere.

Now it's winter season. In my area at south of Tokyo, it's cold but much better than another areas like northern part of Japan and the Japan Sea side which have lots of snow.

I could see yellow ginkgo tree leaves near my house until recently and there are still some, which is unusual.

I love to take photos of nature. I like to share them with you here. Please enjoy them!!


First Visit to Meiji Shinto Shrine

On Jan.11th, I went to Meiji Shinto Shrine  in Tokyo.
It is one of the most famous spots in Tokyo.
I often start tours from this shrine and pray for the safe journey in Japan.

This is the first gate of the shrine. It's HUGE!! The population of Japan is 127 million.
More than half of Japanese visit a temple or a shrine for the first 3 days of the New Year
to pray for health, happiness, success...etc. of the year.
I avoid these crowded days and visited there with my friends.

I walked all the way to the main edifice. This gate is just in front of it and was decorated with the New Year ornaments. 2011 is the year of Rabbit, which is the symbol of prosperity.

This is the main edifice. Unlike churches, we can't enter further inside.
We approached as close as possible and gave special prayers at 11:11.
The purpose to visit this shrine was we liked to give prayers at 11:11 on Jan. 11th 2011.
11-1-11-11:11 Good Omen!!
Unfortunately I didn't know the prayer... I was just talking to the Shinto God!

After we gave prayers, I wrote my wishes on Ema, a votive picture tablet.
Later the tablets will be burned by fire to make our wishes come true.
My wish is Top Secret!!

I wish all the people allow themselves to be the happiest!!

It was a nice start of 2011!!


First Full Moon in 2011

It's going to be the First Full Moon in 2011.
In Japan,  at 6:21 on Jan. 20,  it becomes a perfect full moon.
You can release old patterns which can't work efficiently anymore at a full moon night.
Please enjoy Moon-bathing!!


Hello, all my friends!!

My name is Chiaki! I'm an English-speaking tour guide in Japan.
I escort groups of people from all over the world.

For friends I already met,
Thank you for having visited my beautiful country and keeping in touch with me!
The days with you are still shining in my heart.
I finally started this English blog to let you know what I'm doing and the latest news of Japan...etc.
I hope I can see you again in Japan or in your country!!

For future friends,
Japan is a beautiful country! People are polite and kind. Food is superb!
Please visit my country someday in the nearest future!
But I'm sorry I can't be hired without referral.
I hope you enjoy photos and information in my blog!!

I also write Japanese blog.
Although you can't read Japanese, I hope you enjoy my photos taken during the tour.
Ohisama means Sun in a cute way.
To is a postpositiona particle.
Nakayoshi means Be a good friend with or get alog with.
I'm a good friend with Sun!

Since my name, Chiaki literally means Thousands Shining in Japanese, 
I feel strong connection with Sun!
I love to take photos of sun!!

Please sometimes visit my blog!
Please let me know your latest information!
Have fun!!