Beautiful Seasons in Japan

Thank you very much for visiting my blog. There are already access from USA, Canada, Thai, Malaysia, Czech, and Japan! I'm so happy! Keep in touch! I'll try to update more than once a week.

Now it is off-season for me. I just relax enjoying my hobbies and meeting my friends.
I'm usually very busy at cherry-blossoms season and autumn-leaves season.

In Tokyo, cherry blossoms start to bloom around the last week of March. It's difficult to predict because the timing depends on the climate.
After Tokyo, cherry blossoms in Kyoto start.
Kyoto cherry blossoms are AWESOME!!
I love them most!!!! I usually travel with cherry blossoms. But this year, I already have several short assignments during this time, I don't think a long-trip can be fit in my schedule.
Anyway I can enjoy cherry blossoms all over Japan!
I have to tell you... our cherry trees don't have fruits. We have different species of cherry trees for fruits.

Another beautiful season in Japan is autumn. It is more difficult to predict the best timing. In order to get beautiful color, the big gap between heat in summer and coldness in early autumn is required. Since the global warming is obvious these days, it's very difficult to view beautiful autumn leaves. But I can tell you leaves of last year were gorgeous everywhere.

Now it's winter season. In my area at south of Tokyo, it's cold but much better than another areas like northern part of Japan and the Japan Sea side which have lots of snow.

I could see yellow ginkgo tree leaves near my house until recently and there are still some, which is unusual.

I love to take photos of nature. I like to share them with you here. Please enjoy them!!


  1. Nice flowers, you have four seasons like we in Czech!

  2. Yes, L'ubica! We are lucky we can enjoy four seasons! But our summer is very hot and humid...
    Spring and autum are the best!