Talent and Attraciton

This photo was taken in Sado Island a few years ago.

Since I have 2 blogs in Japanese and English, they resonate each other now.
My friends told me this blog is good to study English. I'm happy to know that.
Today I was asked to translate what I wrote in Japanese blog into English
because she likes to enjoy the sound and melody of English. I'll do my best!
If you have any other ways to say, please let me know.
It is about talent and attraction.  I love to share this with you.

Starting this English blog made me realize
how important the connections with people are to me.
My job brings me  many opportunities
to meet many people all over the world.
I took this for granted.
When I started this guide job,
I devoted myself to my guests so much.
The devotion made me worn out mentally and physically.
Since that,
I tried to forget everything after each tour was over.
But these past years, I started to think it wrong,
and realize again how important the connection with each of you is.
I also realize
to be able to meet many people is my talent and attraction.
 I shouldn't release them and give up them for others.
It is only I who cherish and promote them.
My talents and attractions are the key
to open the new doors 
with abundance and bright future.
Like me, all of you have your own talents and attractions.
They sometimes seem to be natural or negative for you.
But others found out your attractions
and use them for their merits.
I wish all of you find your attractions promptly,
cherish them,
use them for your own merits and others
and open the new doors
with bright future.
Thank you, all my friends.

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