one beautiful day!

One beautiful day this month, I went to Tsukiji fish market with my sister.

Tsukiji is located in Tokyo and has the central wholesale market.
The tuna auction early in the morning was very popular.
The auction site used to open for tourists.
But due to bad manners and accidents of some tourists, the area was limited now.
There are certain procedures to enter→rule and procedure
Now even the middleman's section in the inner market can't be entered until 9:00am.
If you are interested, please check information here→ the Tsukiji market

I went to Tsukiji to see my old friend who was working there.
I met him when I escorted a group of tourists to the tuna auction.
He thought I was a kind of at a loss and he talked to me.
Actually I was OK.
But I was always nervous to visit the auction with a group because the place was very busy and many small vehicle got around all the time.
Then, exactly an year after our first meeting, I met him again at the fish market.
It was a very unique moment.
Since then, we keep in touch and he gives me and my friend lots of fresh fish and seafood!

On the day, he took us to a restaurant inside the fish market.
We had simple but very delicious lunch there!

Squid sashimi!
The small part in the small plate is a mouth of squid.
And the far left portions in the big plate are baby squid.
First time to eat them but delicious!

tuna sashimi

Ark shells with mixture of  miso(soybean paste), vinegar and sugar.
Codfish stewed with soy sauce and sugar.
I enjoyed drinking beer at noon!!

Then at the end, I ate the bottoms.
All of them were great!

horse mackerel

rice and miso soup with clams.

Almost all the people go to a sushi restaurant at fish market.
But there are many restaurants which serve not sushi.
This place we visited is popular among people working at the market.

After lunch, in order to digest, we had a walk in Hamarikyu garden.
Cherry blossoms were beautiful at that time.
Now blossoms in Tokyo are gone.

rape blossoms

After the walk, we had some space for sweets!

Hoji-chya(Roasted green tea) and a cup of green-tea ice cream, rice cake and sweet beans underneath.

We ate a lot that day!

And my friend gave us souvenir too!!

Octopus, salmon, tuna, prawns,
horse mackerel, spicy cod row, minced tuna and bean-jam pancakes!!!

Happiness continued!!

Thank you so much, my friend!


I'm well, thank you!

Hello, everyone!
Again, I couldn't come back here to update my blog.
But I'm very well, thank you!
Actually I was very active in my Japanese blog.
I was an interpreter for healing classes, attended some workshops and had my own workshop.
I have many things to tell you.
I'll update little by little.
Now I like to relax for a while and spend time doing what I really like to do.
I hope all of you enjoy this beautiful season!

with my sister at Hamarikyu Garden


Time passes peacefully

My most favorite season has come!
Beautiful cherry blossoms all over Japan!!
People enjoy viewing them and having banquets under cherry trees.

Not only cherry blossoms but also other beautiful flowers start blooming.

Whenever this season comes, my thought goes back to time before I was born.
I was born in May.
I believe I was looking forward to being born while smelling flowers and seeing cheery blossoms in Mother's womb.

When the evening approaches, the light of the sun becomes so gentle.
I love this time of the day.
I feel the doors to another dimensions open.

I felt like being talked by this scene, `please take a photo of this moment!'
Shinto shrine and a weeping cherry tree next to it.
And the beautiful sunset!

Please enjoy this beautiful sunlight!


Cherry blossoms started blooming!

Finally, cherry blossoms in my area started blooming!

It was very windy these days.
And last Tuesday, it was a terrible day all over Japan, super windy and raining a lot!
The weather forcast sait it was a Bombshell low atomospheric pressure, which was the first time to hear.
Trains were delayed and cancelled.
Airplaines were cancelled.
Many companies warned employees to go home early.
Therefore, I really appreciate these cherry trees which have endured the severe conditions.
Since it's getting warmer, I love to take a walk everyday while veiwing cherry blossoms.

It is a full moon on April 7th.
I'm looking forward to seeing cherry blossoms at night with the full moon!!

Enjoy a beautiful full moon and Easter!!!