Living in the Spritual Zone

I like to introduce a book today.
"Living in the Spiritual Zone" written by Gary Quinn.

Living in the Spiritual Zone

This book tells you,

*How to Get to the Spiritual Zone
*How to Stay in the Spiritual Zone
*How to Manifest in the Spiritual Zone

by doing some exercises.

After I read this book, many synchronicity brought me a chance to get acquainted with Gary Quinn, the author of this book.
He is a life coach in Hollywood and I had his Skype session.
His session was Great!!
He told me my past lives, my energy condition, how this year for me is developing and so on.
He said it's going to be lucky this year for me!!
After his session, my life is dramatically changing and is full of excitement and joy.
If you are interested in his session, please contact him!

His English is easy for non-English speakers to understand, I think.
There is his video, "Trust Yourself".
Trusting yourself and your life is one of the essences for Laws of Attraction, I learned.



What are True Love and Abundance?

They are channeling messages from Bashar.

to Find a True Love

It is short but true!!
We should become ourselves we fall in love with!!

Abundance and Trust Abundance 

We often hear or read those kinds of messages.
Yes! This is the key to Abundance!!

There are lots of useful information at YouTube.


Dancing with Angels

I bought Robin Miller's CD titled "The Heart of Love."
All the pieces are so beautiful!!
Especially I love this music, "Dancing with Angels."

These days, I read many books and listen to CD to keep my motivation and vibration up!!
While I'm doing so, many synchronicity are happening on my life and I just follow them for the next development.

Especially, I just realised, "No matter what happen, Trust Everything is Perfect."

I used to be able to trust when good things were happening.
But I doubted when bad happened until next good came.
However it was not true.

I don't need to think and guess the reasons and meanings why those are happening or don't need to find culprits who should be blamed for.

All what I have to do is just TRUST!!

Trust the Universe.
Trust myself
Trust everything is perfect.
Fill myself with love and joy.

Then the situations in front of me are changing.
Things and people filled with love and joy are attracted to me.
It is a mirror effect.

I think I found the essence of the laws of attraction!!

Trust the Universe.
Trust yourself.
Trust everything is perfect no matter what is happening.
Don't worry!!