Thanks! Lady Gaga!!

Lady Gaga arrived in Japan on June 21st. About 200 fans with her promoted wrist band for our disaster relief gathered at Narita International Airport. This YouTube shows you the scene of her arrival.

I guess she was the first big star who came to Japan after the earthquakes and the nuclear mess. Many stars cancelled the trip to Japan after 311.
She came to attend the event, `MTV VIDEO MUSIC AID JAPAN' on 25th and to promote her new album.

She supports Japan all the time and advertises it is safe to come to Japan.  We all check her on TV and radio and talk about her. She was the first one who decided to come to Japan after 311. When we heard her coming, we felt there might be a good change in June and our country would be much better at that time. She has been our hope since then. Japanese government gave her a thanks letter.
She is in Japan until July 1st. The last YouTube is from yesterday and she was on NHK, which is only our national TV. Some part only Japanese, but you can hear English at the best part.
I appreciate her comments on this interview. Thank you very much, Lady Gaga!!



It is very hot and humid in Japan now! I worry energy shortage this summer. The government may conduct planned blackout. I don't like to imagine the situation without air-conditioning.

It was unbelievably hot last summer. Many elderly died of heat. The elderly tend to be very patient and they don't use air-conditioning. Without notice, their body temperature exceed room temperature and they are found dead in the morning.

We don't have summer time in Japan. But now companies introduce the little different summer time system and start early and finish early. Since our government can't lead and make any concrete plans, each company think the best way and cooperate the situation.

Although it is like summer, the rainy season is not over yet except for Okinawa island. In rainy season, hydrangeas are very beautiful everywhere. I painted them. I'll practice painting a lot to be able to have more workshops

My Czech friend, Lubica sent me an amazing video. Painting On Water
When you have time, please watch this! Although you don't have time, please watch the last 30 second!!


time of change and growth

I haven't updated for 2 weeks! Thank you very much for visiting here while I was not updating.

I did many things past 2 weeks. I prepared for my first paste-painting workshop on July 9th. I advertised it in my Japanese-language blog. Happily and luckily, the class was filled up within one day! People who can't join this time request me to have more workshops.

I focused on doing something for a while and the next few days, I suddenly felt sleepy. This pattern was repeated these days. I'm originally very sensitive to energy, environment and people around me. Since I started new things, I need time to adjust myself to new environment.

It was the summer solstice today on June 22nd. The daytime was longer than the nigh time. From tomorrow, the night time is getting longer.

The power of sun was very strong as if its light had cleared up everything which had been hidden for a long time.

In Japan, after 311, people's consciousness have been changing. We knew we didn't know what would happen the next moment. Our life might be shorter than we expect.

Therefore things we used to consider important were and are being changed. The number of people who quite job and pursue what they really like to do is increasing.

I met one of my friends today. She worked at foreign-tourists divisions of travel agent. However, due to less foreign tourists and no tours, she was transferred to another division where she couldn't find job challenging.
She is thinking of changing jobs now.

Many Japanese face many changes like a change of job, marriage, divorce, move, illness and change of relationships and mind.

It is the time of change and growth for everyone in Japan.

I guess our situation might effect people in another couturiers because we are all connected at energy level. I hope everyone can choose his or her right path. The way you can choose your right path is to listen to your heart not to thought. Then allow yourself to follow the path.


start afresh!

The rainy season has started. We have lots of rain almost everyday. Once it starts raining, it rains all day. We dry laundry outside instead of using a laundry dryer.  We have special detergent for drying laundry inside.  Although the laundry aren't dry completely,  they don't smell by the special detergent.

The sun is not clear enough during this season although it is sunny. But when the sun is out there, I feel something negative and bad are purified and energy becomes normal again.

When you don't feel good mentally or you don't know why you are in bad mood, you might want to see the sunshine. The energy of the sun purify and revitalize you! Trust me!!

Finally, I could see the beautiful sun today!! It was hot like summer.

This is Mandala painting I painted. I painted the blue one first. It was difficult!

When I paint the Mandala, I always pay attention to the center and paint symmetrically.
Before I painted the 2nd one, the teacher and students meditated to concentrate. While I was meditating, I visualized the color of green and orange and the flower pedals' opening in my mind.
Soon after I opened my eyes, I painted the one below.

It took the same time to paint both of them. But I love the 2nd one much better. It gives me a peace of mind.
The teacher told me the essence of painting the mandala art. While we are painting it, we come to nothing(=feel nothing in our mind) and pay attention to the center at the stage of  nothing, keeping balance of right and left. I thought it is like Zen meditation. The teacher also added because our hands are connected to our heart, we express our heart by using our hands.

Since I think the tourism industry won't recover until next year and I have no tours, I decided to teach the pastel-painting. My first class will be held on July 9th. at my best friend's home. The picture below is her salon at home. My friend also has workshops and sessions here. I'll advertise the class in my Japanese blog. Luckily, several already like to join and my another good friend who lives in Osaka already expects me to have another class. I'm a very lucky and happy person!

I also like to find another rental spaces and hold workshops and sessions periodically. While I was working as a guide, I studied healing and cards-reading. I will use those skills to start new things.
My profession might be changed!!