It is very hot and humid in Japan now! I worry energy shortage this summer. The government may conduct planned blackout. I don't like to imagine the situation without air-conditioning.

It was unbelievably hot last summer. Many elderly died of heat. The elderly tend to be very patient and they don't use air-conditioning. Without notice, their body temperature exceed room temperature and they are found dead in the morning.

We don't have summer time in Japan. But now companies introduce the little different summer time system and start early and finish early. Since our government can't lead and make any concrete plans, each company think the best way and cooperate the situation.

Although it is like summer, the rainy season is not over yet except for Okinawa island. In rainy season, hydrangeas are very beautiful everywhere. I painted them. I'll practice painting a lot to be able to have more workshops

My Czech friend, Lubica sent me an amazing video. Painting On Water
When you have time, please watch this! Although you don't have time, please watch the last 30 second!!

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