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The rainy season has started. We have lots of rain almost everyday. Once it starts raining, it rains all day. We dry laundry outside instead of using a laundry dryer.  We have special detergent for drying laundry inside.  Although the laundry aren't dry completely,  they don't smell by the special detergent.

The sun is not clear enough during this season although it is sunny. But when the sun is out there, I feel something negative and bad are purified and energy becomes normal again.

When you don't feel good mentally or you don't know why you are in bad mood, you might want to see the sunshine. The energy of the sun purify and revitalize you! Trust me!!

Finally, I could see the beautiful sun today!! It was hot like summer.

This is Mandala painting I painted. I painted the blue one first. It was difficult!

When I paint the Mandala, I always pay attention to the center and paint symmetrically.
Before I painted the 2nd one, the teacher and students meditated to concentrate. While I was meditating, I visualized the color of green and orange and the flower pedals' opening in my mind.
Soon after I opened my eyes, I painted the one below.

It took the same time to paint both of them. But I love the 2nd one much better. It gives me a peace of mind.
The teacher told me the essence of painting the mandala art. While we are painting it, we come to nothing(=feel nothing in our mind) and pay attention to the center at the stage of  nothing, keeping balance of right and left. I thought it is like Zen meditation. The teacher also added because our hands are connected to our heart, we express our heart by using our hands.

Since I think the tourism industry won't recover until next year and I have no tours, I decided to teach the pastel-painting. My first class will be held on July 9th. at my best friend's home. The picture below is her salon at home. My friend also has workshops and sessions here. I'll advertise the class in my Japanese blog. Luckily, several already like to join and my another good friend who lives in Osaka already expects me to have another class. I'm a very lucky and happy person!

I also like to find another rental spaces and hold workshops and sessions periodically. While I was working as a guide, I studied healing and cards-reading. I will use those skills to start new things.
My profession might be changed!!

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