Tokyo Sky Tree

I started today with Tokyo Sky Tree from Tokyo Metropolitan Government office building.  

Sky Tree from a restaurant.

This is lunch today.

I honestly don't care for eels but this was DELICIOUS!!!

Do you know what they are?

Baby Eels!
They have been expensive since last year and eels restaurants have a hard time.

This is the best Sky Tree of today!


It is the highest tower in Japan now. It is 634m and celebrates its first anniversary.

Now I'm drinking green tea frappe chino at Starbucks.

My day is still continuing (^-^)


My Birthday at Tokyo Disneyland

It was my birthday on May 15th.
I chose Tokyo Disneyland to celebrate my special day!

Disneyland is celebrating its 30th anniversary.
Although it was weekday, it was very crowded!
We mainly enjoyed shows, parades and food.

This show, "One Man's Dream" was great!!

We went into the Cinderella Castle.

There was a glass shoe!

This picture below was just like this.

But when you took a photo with flash, oh! Miracle!!

We also took a photo with Woody!
He was a very gentleman!!

We enjoyed the daytime parade titled "Happiness is Here".

During the parade, the phrase "Happiness is Here" and "Joy! Joy! Joy!" were repeated.
It is true indeed.

And we also enjoyed the electrical parade, "Dream Lights".

Since the year 2013 started, my life had been changing drastically.
Both the best and the worst came to my life at the same time.
I didn't know why. Everything was changed rapidly.
But now, I feel much better and my soul was polished to become stronger and more flexible.
I can believe only the best are coming to my life in future.
I was thinking and feeling such things while celebrating my birthday at Disneyland.

Good bye, Disneyland!!
Thank you so much!!
I'll be back again!!!



Posted by iPhone

Finally I can post an article by iPhone!!

I can post a photo too! 

This is "Donburi", a bowl of rice with tuna and avocado. I love this combination. Try this!!

This is what I recently made. 

I hope I can post more often!!

It is a new moon today and I heard people in Australia can see annular solar eclipse. Could you see it?  

Enjoy a powerful new moon night!!