beautiful hydrangeas

On one beautiful day during the rainy season,
I went to Kamakura, an ancient capital to see beautiful hydrangeas.
There are many temples in Kamakura and we can enjoy a variety of flowers throughtout the year.

At first, I went to Hase Kannon Temple.
A special trail for hydrangeas is opened during this season.

There are a variety of hydrengeas.
Please enjoy my photos!

They are beautiful, aren't they?

This temple is located near the ocean.

It was really a beautiful day!

There are also bamboos and irises at this temple.

After Hase Kannon Temple, I went to Kotoku-in Temple
where we can see one of the Great Buddha.

This Great Buddha is very patient enough to have been sitting here for nearly 800 years!

Our last destination of that day was Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine.

My most favorite place of this shrine is a Pond!

A pond with lotus flowers!!

Big leaves!!

I promised leaves to come back to see their beautiful flowers!!


like Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock was an American Abstract Expressionist Painter.
I went to his exhibison at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo last Feburuary.
My guests I escorted at that time wanted to go there.
I didn't know him until that day.
But his exhibition was great!
The explanation about his life told me well about his emotional conflicts
and how he suffered form inventing his styles of painting
which should be different from former painters.

Look at His paintings!
Very crazy!!
He finally found out his way of painting.
He placed a piece of paper on the floor and painted.

I'm sorry.
Actually this way of painting has been used for Shyodo-Japanese calligraphy.
We sit on the floor and wirte with a brush.
This was also explained in Japanese at his exhibition at museum.

In spite of these explanations, his life and paintings remained in my heart.
Then I applied his method to my pottery!

I enjoyed doing this!
But I needed more spaces!!

This is another method.
At first, I dipped my pottery into glaze.

Then I did the same things like first 3 photos.

2 sets of plates!!

Then they were in fire.

Now I'll show you what happend!

This is the left set of plates.

This is the right set.

I'm very satisfied!!

Before these sets, I made another set and presented to my best friend.

She loves them!!

I love making things and presenting them.
I'm happier when the person who recieves my gift will be happy!
I love to see people smile!!



My father bought peaches today.

Yesterday, while eating dinner with him, I said I liked to eat peaches a lot this year!
He remembered what I said and bought them for me!

He drove to his office everyday but he went to dinner with his friend today.
When he eats, he always drinks beer or sake.
So he went to dinner and came back home by train.
He found peaches at station and carried them all the time.

He doesn't have particular places he likes to go or particular items he wants.
He prefers eating and drinking at home to eating out because he can relax.
He likes meals my sister or I cook by usuing his homemade vegetables.

And  he likes to go to movies with us and eat dinner after movie.
When we are watching advance billing of movies at theater, he requests what he likes to watch next.

Besides that, thare are not much request from him.

But just these days, he started saying he liked to go to Tsukiji fish market
to buy and eat delisious sashimi, slices of raw fish.
And he asked me to make some kind of pottery.

I'm happy to hear his requests!

And he looks happy while eating dinner withe me these days.

I guess my relationship with Father is getting better.

If it is truly changed, it thanks to the fact I thought over my relationship with Father in my heart.
And released what I couldn't release, forgave what I couldn't forgive.

When we are changed truly and seriously, our reality surrounding us change instantly.
If the reality doens't change, we are not ready to be changed yet.

I enjoyed my first peach this year while thinking of these things.
It was the sweetest and most delicious peach in my life!


Take responsibility and create your own world

You are the only one
who can create and control your own world.

You can harvest only what you planted.

After you plant, what kind of water you'll give is also very important.

If you feel troublesome while you are plowing your field,
troublesome crops grow.

And when you eat those troublesome crops, you feel troublesome
and more troublesome things surge over you.

If you feel delighted while you are plowing your field,
delighted crops grow.

And when you eat those delighted crops, you feel delighted
and more delighted things surge over you.

You can take responsibility only for your own world.

Although you feel sorry for those who don't plant anything,
giving them your harvested crops is not a good idea.

Giving them your own food is a easy way
and you are thanked by them.

When you are thanked, you feel good and you may repeat giving away.

However, if you truly think of them,
let them notice how lazy they are.

Then when they truly wish they change,
finally you can teach them how to plant and harvest crops.

But you shouldn't plant and plow together.

It's because when you do together, they do,
but when you don't, they might not do.

If you are worried by them,
you can watch them from the place they don't notice you.

The love you want them to notice is something hypocritical.

True love is the one you keep loving although they don't notice.

Giving is not the only love.

Sometimes love is hidden in behavior you can't find any love.

Those who know true love
don't mind being hated after deciding to take all responsibility
if their actions are all for them at the end.

That is the act of  true love
and the person who practices true love.

Like you can take responsibility only for your own world,

that responsibility for others' world are taken by only them.

Although they can't take responsibility forever,
you shouldn't feel sorry for them.

It's because it is only your own world you can control and create.
Yon can't control and create others' world.

Please leave all responsibility to their guides and angels who protect and guide them.

When you decide to take all responsibility and create your own world,
you don't need to worry you might hurt someone after you release all your power.

The world you can influence and change is your own world.

Sometimes, somebody say they are hurt by you.

But they are the only ones who can create and hurt their own world.

You can't influence or hurt their world.

Only when inhabitants in that world give permission,
their world start being created.

So please don't be afraid and take all responsibility.

By using all your wisdom and knowledge,

create your own world as you wish.



Happy Father's Day!

Actually Father's Day was over in Japan.
But I celebrated the day with my family.

Father doesn't want anything material.
He always loves being surrounded by nature.
But he was happy to get a present my sister and I chose.
And we made dinner Father requested.

I was going through a little hard days past weeks.
A father of my best friend died.
Before and after his death, my heart was just beside her.
We talked a lot about death and family.
I wanted her to do her best until his father's last moment and supported her.

At the same time, I was thinking of my relationship with my parents.

From the spiritual view point, it says something like below.

If your relationship with your father isn't healed and you can't respect him,
you can't feel love given by the universe.

If your feeling towered your mother is not healed,
you try not to receive gift the universe try to give to you.

But when you decide to face the truth of the aspect about Father,
you'll realize the gift the universe continuously bring to you.

When you release your negative thoughts about Mother to Heaven,
You can open your heart and are ready to receive joy and blessings

I wrote my thoughts and feelings about my parents.
Although I thought I wanted my parents to do this and change this,
I couldn't go back to the past and blame them.
They were very young and immature but did their best.
Only what I can do right now is to just forgive what they did and didn't, and release them.
Then only gratitude to them are left at the end.

Thank you so much, Father and Mother!


Tokyo Sky Tree

Rainy Season, "Tsuyu" started in Tokyo.
We'll have lots of rainy days for a month.
When it starts raining now, it pours down.
I'm thinking to buy rainy boots this year.
I have never worn them since my elementary school days.
But now rainy boots for adults are sold very well.

Last month, a new hot spot in Tokyo was opened.

The name of it is Tokyo Sky Tree!
It opened on May 22.
The height is 634m, which is 2 times higher than Tokyo Tower.

Many of you traveling in Tokyo never miss this Tower.
Tokyo Tower was opened in 1958 as a relay station to broadcast the wedding ceremony of today's emperor and empress.
The height is 333m.

Now many high buildings have been constructed and the higher tower was needed for transmitting.
Tokyo Sky Tree survived during the last year's big earthquakes.

Only people with reservation can go up the tower now.
After July 11th, all of us can go up!
But I guess it'll be very crowded.
I'll wait for a while.
This is official site of Tokyo Sky Tree

At the foot of the Tower, there are restaurants, shops and an aquarium.
I went to the Sumida Aquarium with my friends.

Can you see me on the water tank?
This water tank doesn't have an artificial oxygen pump.
It has just an equipment to circulate water.

Green is so beautiful like forest in water.
Thanks to lots of wild water grass, the naturals life cycle is working perfectly like under the sea.

Did you know there are some fish to change their sex?
There are some water tanks for such fish.

male sea horses raise babies in their belly.

Although it's not a big aquarium, there are water tanks for unique fish.

There are some water tanks for a variety of jellyfish.
I don't know why but I love jellyfish.
This is my first video on YouTube.
It's short. But I tried!

A mother seal is nursing her baby.

And penguins!

I enjoyed this aquarium a lot!

Then after that, I walked to Asakusa.

Have you ever seen this view from Asakusa Kannon Temple?
Now this view was changed into this!

Yes! Tokyo Sky Tree!!
Next time you are in Japan, please don't miss this!

This is the night view!!
I enjoyed this area all day.

I guess you feel like exploring this area when you are in Tokyo!!



YUZU is my favorite artist.
Actually "yuzu" means Japanese citrus.
They said when they were eating yuzu sherbet, they decided their group name.
I went to their 15th debut anniversary concert at Tokyo Dome.

I have been their fan since 2006.
My sister was already their fan and often went to their concert.
One day, she took me to their concert.
Then I was strongly attracted to their songs, politeness and performance.
Every time they finish singing, they bow.
And at the end of the concert, they always say, "THANK YOU!!" without microphones.
Now I have joined their fan club since then.

The uniqueness of their concert is all of us always exercise together at first.
We all know this exercise called "Radio Exercises" because we have to learn at elementary school.
Although the space is limited at concert hall, we really enjoy it, especially when all of us jump, the concert hall is shaking!
Yesterday, there were about 50,000 fans at Tokyo Dome.
It was funny moment when we all jumped together.

This is their debut song, "Natsuiro, the color of Summer."
All fans love this song very much!
Fans ask them to sing the impressive melody line again and again, saying "Moh Ikkai, once more."
They are very kind enough to sometimes repeat 6 or 7 times.

They are very popular and famous now.
But 15 years ago, they were singing at street in Yokohama, where I was born.
They are also from Yokohama.
They were forerunners of street musicians to become professional in Japan.

Before debut, they were always singing in front of  Matuzakaya department store in Yokohama which was closed now.
I love this song titled, "Rain and Tears."
They sing, "Don't cry so much. I'm with you. So please start walking....."
I guess it was filmed by one of their fans.

After their debut, they were on Japan's most popular TV program at New Year's Eve in 2003.
They came back to their starting point and sang.
You see so many people at narrow street in the below video.

And the last music I introduce is I believe all Japaneses know because it was an official theme song of the Athens Olympic Games in 2004.
The title is "Eikoh no Kakehashi, the bridge of glory."
I love this song too.
I can't listen to this song without tears.
My personal events and their songs are always linked and remember how I felt at that time.

I briefly translated their songs.
I hope you understand the meaning.

The Bridge of Glory

There were tears you never showed to anybody and shed behind the scene
It was never a easy journey but it was the way you definitely walked on
It was the way to your dream which you almost gave up again and again

You got over many days and you have NOW you achieved
So you go on without hesitation
To the bridge of glory....

There were nights when you couldn't sleep due to vexations
There were nights when you were shivering with fear
You gave up hope, hated everything and was about to run away
But you can remember you were supported by many and kept walking

Ahead of sorrow and pain, there is light
Let's go! Don't look back and start running
To the sky filled with hope

There were tears you never showed to anybody and shed behind the scene

You got over many days and you have NOW you achieved.
So you go on without hesitation
To the bridge of glory....
To the journey never ending...
To the bridge to your heart....


beautiful moon night

It is a night before a full moon today.
It's already a beautiful moon night.

I went to a concert of my favorite group's 15th debut anniversary.

About 50,000 people.
Tokyo Dome is actually a home stadium of a baseball team, Giant's.
And it's the biggest indoor concert hall in Tokyo.

Many celestial events are going on since Super Moon, Annular Solar Eclipse
and a full moon & a partial eclipse of the moon tomorrow.
And the transit of VENUS and the summer solstice.

Many may feel unstable mentally and physically now.

Although people once look perfect, they might undergo conflicts behind the scene.
They just don't say that part.

When you envy somebody's bright sides,
please look at their dark sides too and then you can envy them

The bright light is becoming stronger from now on.
And the dark sides which could be hidden until now will be revealed

You prefer not seeing the dark sides,
But please watch them thoroughly.

I don't mean you should accept everything.

Accepting or not accepting them is the same.
Don't judge anything.
Just feel how you feel when you find such aspects of yours.

Releasing or not releasing them is also the same.

Everything is perfect and is going well.

The only thing I want you to remember is....

The Universe know what you truly wish.

How did you receive gifts from the Universe so far?
Did you predict the process?
Maybe the process how the gifts were delivered to you
was more beautiful and wonderful than you expected.
It is and it will be the same as it used to be.

The Universe know what you truly wish.
And Trust the Universe.

If you want to make your wishes come true,
please don't chase them and just forget them.

Instead, please focus on Truth, Virtue and Beauty filling this moment.

This is the shortcut to make your wishes come true.

Everything is all right.
my wishes and your wishes will come true.

Please enjoy the beautiful moon night!