It was a beautiful day today! Before Christmas, it had been rainy and cloudy but on Christmas, sun came back. When sun comes out, it is warm. Especially in winter, we appreciate the warmth of sun.

Thank you for your season's greetings, everyone!! I hope all had a wonderful Christmas and will have a happy holiday. And thank you very much for your lasting friendship!! I am a happy and lucky woman!!

On Christmas, I watched "Tangled". The title in Japan was "Rapunzel on top of the tower". I was supposed to watch it at theater but it was officially released on March 12th 2011 in Japan, the next day of the Earthquakes. After the disasters, trains stopped. Although a few movies were on schedule, they might had been cancelled due to the rotated blackout. In addition to that, many were afraid of going to crowded, small and dark places while aftershocks continued.
Considering those days, Japan recovered a lot although the damaged areas are still recovering. For 25 years from next month, we have to pay for "Special Reconstruction income tax". Under the new government, our consumption tax may be raised in the nearest future. Our hardships continue....
Whenever we see dark gloomy sides, we can't stop counting. So we just shift our focus from dark sides to bright sides. The more we think in a positive way, the more we can attract positive reality, I believe.

So finally, I could watch Rapunzel! It became my another favorite Disney story along with "Beauty and the Beast"!!

Enjoy the music titled "See the light"!
And I happened to find its sequel which was funny.
Please enjoy both!!




open-minded Japanese Buddha

Japanese tend to accept all kinds of religions. We are originally Shintoist. Buddhism came to Japan in the 6th century. We mixed Shinto and Buddhism, and call it Syncretistic Religions. We still have a Buddhist temple and a Shinto shrine at the same precinct. We visit both and offer money to both at the same time.

In the 16th, Christianity came to Japan. After historical controversy, we don't have any state religion now although most of us are cremated according to the Buddhism way.

We are basically very flexible to religions. We celebrate Christmas and go to a temple or shrine on the New Year.

One of my friends introduced this unique video. Buddha celebrates Christmas in Japan!!

It's very funny even to us!! The Japanese characters on the video were all comments from the viewers. They were also surprised!!

Please enjoy watching until the last!!!!



Beautiful Life

Christmas is coming soon!! I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy Holiday!!!

It is the winter solstices today(Dec. 21). We eat pumpkins wishing for wealth and take a bath with citrus fruits wishing for good health on the winter solstices.

I also wish you wealth and health!!!!

I went to a concert of my favorite artist, Masaharu Fukuyama with my sister. This has been our year-end event for several years.

It is a 10-day concert tour at the same place. 18,000 each day and 180,000 for 10 days. He is the first male artist in Japan who has such a long-day concert tour at the same place.

We had a wonderful time before the year 2012 ends. I like all of his songs but especially love this song titled "Beautiful Life" This song is a commercial song for Japan's cosmetic company, SK-Ⅱ. He wrote this song for all women. I want to be like a woman in his lyrics


(music and lyrics by Masaharu Fukuyama)

I have hated people without knowing how to forgive them
"They should hate me like I hate them."
I have deceived myself by telling this lie

with you who are beautiful, I feel I can start all over again
with your heart knowing only forgiving can change things

your smile everybody can see and your genuine face nobody can see
between them and in this daily life
wish I can find genuine joy

I can't be innocent enough to believe everything about myself
but while doubting, it's not easy to
get over this journey, I know

with beautiful you, I feel I can be reborn
with your heart choosing to believe although you are hurt

I like you both being at a loss and keeping looking for.
giving up and not giving up
if you suffer between them, I am the same
I am the same

with beautiful you, I can feel life is beautiful
with your heart choosing to accept although you are betrayed

YOU others wishing who you should be and YOU you wishing who you want to be
between those differences and in those contradictions
wish I can connect with people I don't want to loose
wish I can smile together
with you

(translation by Chiaki)


Disney Princesses

Last weekend, I went to Harajuku and Omotesando in Tokyo.
There were soooo many people everywhere!

It's a must to come for all foreigners!!
It is a narrow and short street but is introduced in all guide books.
Especially it is CRAZILY CROWDED on weekends.

Towns are beautiful with Christmas decorations.
The photo with my sister was taken in front of  Omotedando Hills. http://www.omotesandohills.com/english/

It is BEAUTIFUL inside too!!!
The Christmas decoration here is gorgeous and wonderful every year.
Disney Princesses are featured this year.

Every 15 minute, this stage is rotated with Disney music for 3 minutes.

I'm sorry I couldn't take all photos of princesses.
My sister and I had a really good time last weekend!

Do you love Disney?
Japanese LOVE Disney very much!!
Disneyland and Disneysea are very successful in Japan.
Some have a-year passport.
Not only children but also adults love to go back there again and again.
Disney give us lots of DREAMS!!
Please keep have dreams in your heart all the time!!!


wishing my own happiness

It is the last new moon in 2012 today(12-13).
I wished my own happiness and made this accessory.

This is a coral polished by hand.
I bought it at the Mineral Show last weekend.
I was supposed to make one for my friend.
But since this was the special day, I decided to make special one for myself.

I made a pot of excellent tea for myself.
I spent time of high quality.

This is what I made!!
I was very happy while I was making it.
And I'm satisfied now!!

I'm often the last one I put priorities on.
But I learned I should put priorities on myself at first and make myself happy at first.
I'm the only one I can listen to my heart and let myself do whatever I like to do.
When I'm truly happy, I can be kind to others and do something for them naturally.
That is the circulation of happiness and love, I think.

I wish me happiness.
And I wish you happiness.

Let's be happy together truly!!

still fall in Tokyo?

Until a few years ago, all fall leaves were gone at the end of November.
But now colorful leaves are still at peak in Tokyo.

And we can enjoy Christmas decorations at the same time.

Today, 2012-12-12, I took the first step toward a kind of new business.
I hope it will take me to a more fun stage!!

Have a wonderful 12-12!!


Love Crystals!

I went to Tokyo Mineral Show this weekend.
A variety of crystals all over the world are sold there.
This event is from 7 to 10 Dec. and two floors of the building have only booths to sell crystals, stones and fossils.
Many buyers come to find unique and special stones at very cheap prices.
This event is held all over the world and in Tokyo, the event is usually held at the beginning of Dec.
One of my best friend helps a stone seller, her friend there.
I went to see her and to find special stones.

These are what I found this weekend!
Corals, tiger eye crystals, rutilequartzs, minty amethyst, citrines and chaines of crystals.
I'm not supposed to be a jewelry designer, but I LOVE stones and to make something.

These are what I made!
Last year, I bought only 3 stones from  the shop and my friend taught me how to make them.
Now I can do all by myself! So I decided to buy many this year!!

me, Mr. Yamada and Keiko

Mr. Yamada is a shop owner and gave me a VERY good discount!!!
Keiko is my best friend, and she is a skillful wired accessory designer and a crystal healer.

She made 2 pendant tops for my birthday this and last year!

After I finish my job next week, I devote myself to art, making accessories and potteries and painting pastel.