A prayer to stop the pattern of people trying to take advantage of you

Today I just found a perfect prayer for me.
My self-esteem is sometime law and in order to cover it, I give or offer too much to others. There are not always good-natured people but they sometimes take advantage of me. When I realize it, I am drained.
I realized my bad habit and tried to get out of the situations and people but I entered into another such a situation. I like to support and help people but I don't want to be taken advantage of. So I should be tough to draw healthy boundaries.
When I'm in such a group or with such persons, I feel I am limited and suffocated. On the other hand, I feel I am limitless and my possibility and future will be expanded with supportive persons who can honor me.
That's why I was not good these days. But after I found out the reason, I'll be alright.
When I choose to honor myself and draw healthy boundaries, some say something bad about me. But I won't mind and I'll choose more freedom. I went thorough those situations many times and I became stronger and tougher.
If some of you feel the same way I do, the below prayer is good for you.
Please honor yourself and attract persons who also honor you.
This is from Doreen Virtue's FB
A prayer to stop the pattern of people trying to take advantage of you:

“Dear God,
I realize that in the past I didn’t feel worthy of attracting and maintaining true friendships. In those moments, I taught people about my feelings of low self-worth by doing too much for them, without expecting anything in return.

Now that I realize this pattern, I need your help to disentangle myself from tho
se who have learned they can take advantage of my generous nature and low self-esteem. Please send your mighty Archangel Michael to shield me from people who do not act in integrity.

Please help me to have the strength to say “No” to unreasonable requests, and to not be swayed by manipulations. Please help me to learn how to ask for and receive help from others, instead of always being the one who gives until I’m drained.

Thank you for replenishing my energy and helping me to value myself. Thank you for sending true supportive friends to me, and helping me to let go of people who don’t honor me. Amen.”


mysterious moon

It is a full moon today actually it was a perfect full moon very early this morning.

The moon now is very mysterious with clouds.

It is said at full moon, hidden aspects of human beings emerge. Some people feel unstable emotionally and things you like to hide are being revealed

Now I work with many new people. People are all different, I know. But these days, I can't trust people. I can see their ego and their control dramas. Why do people want to be No.1 or want to control people to be the top? I don't think I should be No.1. Maybe I'm still very naive but I won't be changed.

The reason I feel so may be due to this mysterious full moon. Or I like to believe I am on the process to go up to a higher stage. I'll know it soon.

If you also feel unstable or something strange, don't worry! It's because of this full moon. Or you are also on the process to be transforming into a beautiful butterfly.

Enjoy this mysterious full moon!



Have fun!!

I have been super busy and very sick past weeks. But finally I'm recovering and have time to come to my favorite duo's concert, YUZU!!

I'll have fun!! And soon get ready for another big wave before July ends.


Summer has started!

The weather news declared the rainy season was over in Tokyo area yesterday! Then it is very HOT and HUMID now. We have to be careful about heatstroke.

It is the Star Festival today on July 7th. I wrote about this festival before.
Star Festival

A couple who separate can see at the Milky Way only today on July 7th, once a year. It is usually during the rainy season and it is said that they can't meet if it is raining. But this year, the rainy season was over and it is clear today. They must enjoy their once-a-year meeting!
It is also said our wishes come true when they can meet. So many people write their wish on paper and hang it on a bamboo, wishing the couple can meet and their wishes come true.

Last week, I went to Hakone with my friends and sister and visited one of my favorite noodle restaurants. It has this bamboo and I hung my wish there!

And it is a new moon tomorrow. I'll make a wish for the first time in a while.

The Hakone trip was great although the weather was not good. I wish I can write about the trip soon.

I haven't updated my blog so often but Thank you very much for checking my blog!

I wish I can see you again!!