I just found a movie I love to see!
"Happy" is a title of the movie.

This is the HP of the movie.

In this HP, Okinawa island is introduced as a place where oldest people in the world often come from.

Actually, Okinawa is a unique prefecture in Japan.
It has original time.
Compared to Tokyo, time passes slowly in Okinawa.

There is an old saying in Japan.
At 70, you are still a child.
At 80, young man and woman.
If at 90, someone from heaven invite you to over, tell him,
"just go away and come back when I'm 100."

Happiness make you stay healthy and live longer!
Lots of happiness and health to all of you!!


Sun and Moon

Today was a special day as I mentioned before, Annular Solar Eclipse!
When I woke up at 7:00, it was cloudy and a little rainy.
I turned on TV and saw many people in Japan were ready to see the big event.
However, it was cloudy at most areas.

When I went outside, some neighbors were also outside waiting.
I didn't buy special sunglasses so I used regular sunglasses but thanks to the thick cloud, I could see the sun moving with my naked eyes.
When the annular solar eclipse was at its peak, luckily there was a gap between clouds!

Sun and Moon together!
Very mysterious and mystic.
At the same time, I felt grandeur celestial romance.

Sometimes a dark cloud covered the sun.
However it couldn't hide the brightness of sun.

The sun looked like a crescent moon.

The big event was over.
Each moment was beautiful and memorable.
Many Japanese enjoyed the annular solar eclipse together!

It is said that a new moon has a special power to make things and people change and transform.
Since the new moon and the annular solar eclipse took place at the same day and they went through Japan, many people including me think Japan and Japanese are forced to be transformed.
I hope we are going to be transformed in a good way!

This is the article about today's event in Japan.

This was filmed at Kushimoto town, Wakayama prefecture.
Please enjoy it as if you were watching the annular solar eclipse at the scene!


annular solar eclipse

The next celestial big event after the Super Moon is Annular Solar Eclipse!
It happens on May 21st in Japan.
We watch and hear news about this event EVERYDAY!
Special glasses are sold at many places like convenient stores, bookstores and drugstores.
All Japanese are very excited to see this annular solar eclipse!

Actually the last solar eclipse in Japan was June 2nd, 2011.
But this one is very special.
The last time we could see the annular solar eclipse in Okinawa island 25 years ago,
and could see in Tokyo 173 years ago!
Then the next one can be seen in Hokkaido island in 2030.
So this is very SPECIAL!!!

What's so special?
Please refer to this page.

The map below shows its orbit and the shape of the "Sun Ring" seen at maximum.
We call Sun Ring "Diamond Ring" in Japan.
Now many rings are being sold to commemorate this event.

It's hard to see clearly.
People in Tokyo and Shizuoka can see this Diamond Ring perfectly!!!
YES!!! I'll never miss this chance!!!!!
It will start at 6:19, be maximum at 7:34 and finish at 9:02.
It will be sunny but a little cloudy.
It is the time for students to go to school.
Some schools decided to close or delay the starting time or advance earlier to enjoy the event together.

People in not only Japan but also in other places from East Asia to a part of USA can enjoy this event!
The red mark of the map below is its orbit in the world.
Please check the exact time by yourself if you are interested!

This video tells "Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse on May 20, 2012 - Visible in US".
I hope it helps you to understand.

The solar eclipse always happens at a new moon.
New moon is a good timing to make wishes.
Since this new moon is very powerful influenced by the annular solar eclipse, please don't miss this chance!
Whenever I make new-moon wishes' lists, I'll list 10 wishes.
And my 10th wish will be always like this,  "I wish all the wishes listed by other people also come true!"
If others do the same thing, we can support each other's wishes and dreams.
By doing so, power making our wishes come true will be enlarged and accelerated!!

After this annular solar eclipse, the next celestial event is the transit of VENUS!!!
I don't know it enough to write the detail right now.
So please refer this!

I think our mental and body systems are influenced by the celestial movements.
Some of you may feel something different, like easily to get tired, nervous, can't concentrate.
Those symptoms may be cased by these above events right now.

Please relax, inhale and exhale deeply and feel you are here right now.
Focus on THIS moment.
Don't look back past to miss happy moments.
Don't be anxious about future.
All what you do is FOCUS ON THE PRESENT TIME.
Thank who you are and what you can do.
Thank people around you.
Thank things brought to you.
Think what you can thank.
While you are thanking many during breathing deeply, you life is unfolding beautifully and perfectly.
Just trust yourself!
You'll be alright.
I'm always with you.


Thank you!

May 15th was my birthday!
Thank you very much for your heartfelt messages and presents!
I'm happy to know we can still keep in touch in this way.

I believe I myself am the only one who make myself happy or unhappy at the end.
Accepting or not accepting what others think of me is all up to me.
So I have responsibilities for my own life.
But sometimes I feel I am alone to have burdens.
Birthday was a good chance to know and realize that I am supported and cared by many.
Thank you very much, my friends all over the world!!!

On my birthday, I went pottery-making.
I made this cup.
It was not completed yet.
After firing twice, it'll be done.

That Kanji, Japanese character, says "KIZUNA" meaning bonds with each other which never be cut.
It was and is still Japanese slogan after 311.
I chose this word to commemorate my birthday.
The other side of this cup is....


I'll add more colors.
When it is completed, I'll show it to you!

my friend, Keiko & me

Fun night continued after pottery-making!
I had a wonderful birthday!
Thank you very much!!!


Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you very much, Mother!

My mother loves orchid very much.
We celebrated Mother's Day with cake.

I ate this cake with lots of strwberries!

The older she becomes, the less she wants and eats.
I wish she stay healthy and happy.

Did you celebrate Mother's Day?


zero nuclear power station working in Japan

Super Moon today is beautiful again and was very yellow when it rose.

On this day, we have zero nuclear power station in Japan.
The last one in Hokkaido started to stop at 5pm on the 5th and power output became zero at 11pm on the same day.
Then it stopped completely on the 6th.
So zero nuclear power satiation working now in Japan!

As I wrote this article ,  "one more nuclear power station",
we had 50 nuclear power stations and 4 were being constructed.
All 50 stopped for the first time in 42 years

We relied 30% on nuclear energy.
Although all stopped, we can spend days as usual so far.
But the authorities worry about power shortage in summer.
The electrical companies said they would raise the cost of electricity by 10%.
The company which caused the Fukushima incidents after they kept saying the nuclear power was safe has lots of deficits now and our government decided to inject public funds.
However the company won't apply for the procedure to go bankruptcy as other companies with lots of deficits did.
Then they say they will raise our electricity cost, which isn't decided yet.
It's very difficult to explain in English.
If you are interested more, please look into it.

Anyway, I feel something strange is happening.
Japanese citizens don't trust our government easily anymore since 311.
Everything turned out to be wrong and different.
Each of us should get the right information and deiced what to do.

And some people say we restart the nuclear power station again due to the lack of electricity.
But I think safety is more important than convenience and economical growth.
The time of consuming a lot is ending.
It is not your next countries' problems and situations but all ours.
Since we share the same planet, we think our coexistence together!


Super Moon again!

It was a beautiful day today after rainy days!
Our Golden Week,  holiday-studded week is ending soon, one more day.

Sun was beautiful today and moon is also very beautiful now.
It'll be a full moon tomorrow night.
The night before a full moon is the best timing for power stones to moon-bathe.
My power stones are all outside now for moon-bathing to refresh!

This full moon is very special again!
It is called "Super Moon", which is 14% bigger and 30% brighter than usual full moons.

I remember the full moon on March, 19th 2011 was also the Super Moon.
So I thought it was again!
According to my reserch, the last year's Super Moon was called "Extream Super Moon", which was said to be seen for the first time in 19 years.
A regular Super Moon can be seen once a year somewhere on our planet.
If you want to know more, please look into it!

The Super Moon last year was just after our disasters.
I wished Japan could be recovered.
My friends all over the world had the same thought, I believe.
my article last year, "Super Moon"

Considering those days, I'm very happy to have this day and this moment.
The thoughts and memories when I saw the Super moon last year were inscribed in my heart.
I'm sure this moment this day will be inscribed too.
When I see the next Super Moon, I'll definetely remember today.

Have a beautiful Super Moon night!!!


wired art

I didn't think I had some creative talents because I always had a poor record in art at school.
I wasn't satisfied at what I made at art class.
I sometimes made the same thing at home and changed them at class.
Now I found that I don't like to make something within limited time.
I need plenty of time whenever I make something.
I love pottery-making and pastel-painting very much.
I like to try all kinds of painting!

Recently, I found a new way to express myself, which is wired art.
I tried this wired art at first last year.

This is my first wired art.

The name of this stone is Prehnite.
I decorated this stone by wire and made a pendant top.

One of my good friends teaches the wired art.
The other day, I went to her class with my sister and friend.

teacher, Keiko & Aki

me & my sister

I often borrow this space in her house for my pastel-therapy class.

It was very difficult to bend wires in the way I wish.
Very meticulous works!

While making, we enjoyed chatting and eating sweets!

Keiko's homemade cheesecake is always delicious!
Whenever I have a pastel class, she makes a variety of cake for my students.
She is very nice and kind!

This summer orange jelly Aki brought was sweet and sour.
It was also yummy!

We didn't forget to complete our wired art!
These were what we made.

My pendant top is Rutile on the right side.
Around a rose, I placed several tiny stones.
I love this!

Aki's Flourite pendant top is on the left side.
It was the first time for her to meke the wired art but it was very pretty!

My sister's Larimar in the middle.
It was her 2nd time. Her stone is very small but her works are very detailed and meticulous!
I always admire her artistic talents.
She has been painting on woods and cloth.

This isn't her design but she painted several years ago and presented it to me for my birthday.

This is also for me painted by her.
There are so many her art works!
I love all of them.
She also made these flowers by paper clay.

She has lots of artistic talents!
Compared to her, I didn't think I had any talents of art.
But when I started pottery-making, I realized I had different interests and talents from hers.
Both of us do pastel-painting now.
But our paintings are different and people who attract to our art are also different.
We are original and unique!

On this day, I also made one more strap.
Including one I made before, all below are my wired arts.

It's not easy to make them but it's fun.
The wired art will be my new hobby!
I already bought some tools.
Next I like to find some crystals and stones
I also love power stones which bring me happiness and joy.
I like to make more and present them to my friends!

After the wired class, we went to a Japanese restaurut for a toast.
It continues....


Golden Week now

In Japan, it is in the middle of a holiday-studded week called `Golden Week'.
A year ago, I explained this holiday but I'll tell you again.

From Apr. 29th to May 5th, we have a holiday-studded week called `Golden Week'.

April 29 is `Showa no Hi' which is used to be the birthday of ex-Emperor, Hiroshito.
May 3 is the Constitutional Day.
May 4 is the Green Day.
May 5 is the Children's Day which is used to be Boys' Day until WW2.
This year, when office workers took a paid-holiday on the 1st and 2nd of May, they will have 9-day holiday including Saturday and Sunday from April 28th!

But it has been raining since yesterday and it'll rain tomorrow too.
After that, it seems sunny and the temperature will exceed 20 ℃.

I spend days as usual in spite of this Golden Week.
Since it is crowded everywhere now, I don't specially plan to do something but I do some creative activities and go out for dinner with my friends.

The other day, I went to a Thai restaurant.
Thai food is my Favorite!
There is my most favorite Thai restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo.

spring rolls


It was my first time to try this Tomkakhai, which was like coconuts milk chicken soup.
It was Delicious!!

I forgot this food name.
Vegetables and shrimps were wrapped in the mixture of eggs and flour.

green curry

This is my No.1 favorite at this restaurant, Green Curry.
Before I took a photo, I ate it....
It is a must to eat here!!

Thai noodle

Thai noodle is another my favorite!
There are many to eat here but my stomach is limited.
But I actually ate a few more including dessert!
All were so DELICIOUS!!
I already like to come back here!

In the same building of this Thai restaurant, there is a time-honored bar named MON.

"MON" means "Gate".
This is my favorite bar in Shibuya!
But most of my friends now don't drink alcohol.
My most friends used to drink a lot and I drank a lot.
But since my physical condition was getting changed and I drank less, old friends drinking a lot left and new friends came in my life.
That's funny.
Although I drink less, I love to eat delicious food!