Thanks! Lady Gaga!!

Lady Gaga arrived in Japan on June 21st. About 200 fans with her promoted wrist band for our disaster relief gathered at Narita International Airport. This YouTube shows you the scene of her arrival.

I guess she was the first big star who came to Japan after the earthquakes and the nuclear mess. Many stars cancelled the trip to Japan after 311.
She came to attend the event, `MTV VIDEO MUSIC AID JAPAN' on 25th and to promote her new album.

She supports Japan all the time and advertises it is safe to come to Japan.  We all check her on TV and radio and talk about her. She was the first one who decided to come to Japan after 311. When we heard her coming, we felt there might be a good change in June and our country would be much better at that time. She has been our hope since then. Japanese government gave her a thanks letter.
She is in Japan until July 1st. The last YouTube is from yesterday and she was on NHK, which is only our national TV. Some part only Japanese, but you can hear English at the best part.
I appreciate her comments on this interview. Thank you very much, Lady Gaga!!

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