the latter half of this year has started!

July has started! We finished the first half of the year 2011. And the latter half has just started!

In addition to that, it is a new moon today, July 1st. It is a good timing to make your wishes. Today's new moon is at the Cancer which helps you to make your wishes especially related to Partnerships come true. Partnerships mean not only the ones between couples but also between friends and business partners.

July has one more new moon. Your wishes come true easily this month!

It is already very hot and humid in Japan! Last year, hydrangeas near my house could been beautiful until the end of July but they are dying this year...

We worry about energy shortage and are afraid of a sudden blackout. In order to avoid it, each company gives the workers different days off and introduces the different working hours. However, although they finish earlier, they go home and use an air-conditioning, a microwave, a computer and so on. Total energy consumption might be the same. Nearly 100% of the energy supply a day in Tokyo is consumed these days. We might have to have the planned blackout, which nobody hopes. Last year, about 2700 died of heat. If it conducts, there might be more....
Please keep your fingers cross for us!

I like to introduce a new video made by tour guides in Kyoto. Since Lady Gaga promoted our safety, I hope tourists start to come back!

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