Summer has come!

The rainy season was finally over. Hot and humid summer has come. It is said that the climate in Japan is becoming like one in the tropics.

Summer holiday for students is starting soon. Students except for college ones have only a month holiday until Sep.1. Students in college and university have 2 months holiday until the end of Sep. I spent that 2 months in Seattle, USA to study English when I was at university.

However, students have lots of homework like taking care of morning glories and keeping a diary of their growth. Many students do their homework at the last week of the holiday with their parents' help.

Although it is hot and humid, I like this season because lots of festivals are held. The most popular one everywhere in Japan is the one like the photo below, Bon Odori (a kind of folk dance, we don't add `festival' at the end).

O-Bon (`O' is a polite prefix) is a kind of Japanese Halloween. We believe the spirits of our ancestors come back home. In order to welcome them, we dance Bon Odori.

People wear Yukata (a casual cotton kimono) and dance together around the platform.
There are food stands and game stands.

Besides Bon Odori, there are lots of fireworks displays everywhere. Again, we like to wear Yukata to see them.

Tohoku area, the northern part of Japan which was devastated by disasters are famous for many summer festivals. In order to stimulate the situation, people in Tohoku advertise and try to hold festivals as usual.

It is still a long way to recover and there are rather big earthquakes these days. If we worry too much, we never stop and may attract the situation which worry us more. Therefore, we just live right now and try to focus on what we like to do. I like to enjoy this summer!

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