My first pastel workshop succeeded!

My first pastel workshop succeeded at my friend's salon on Jul. 9th.

I was ready and waited for my students' coming!

2 sets of new pastels for students! They are beautiful!!

These 4 ladies attended the class on this day. It may be special technique my pastel art school invented. Pastel are shaved into powder and they use fingers to paint.
Since our hands are connected to our heart, we can express what our heart desires. And it's good for art therapy too.

These are their first art works! This is very basic of  the pastel art which I learned. By just painting circles, they can face their own emotions and feelings and release them. They kept painting for 1 hour. If I didn't stop them, they never stopped, I think.
All are very beautiful. I repeat this is their first pastel painting in their life.

The title of the next painting is the hill of hope. They seemed to be more relaxing. They painted their hill with their favorite colors.

Their original and unique hills of hope in the world were completed. Very gentle color!

They were my first beautiful students! All were satisfied with their works of art.
While they were painting, they went back to the days when they were at kindergarten.
I was happy to see them happy!! But no photo of me this time since teacher looked tired...
But very happy about the great success of my first pastel workshop.

After I was home, I found this cute gift from my sister.

The letter says,
For my sister,
Congratulations on debuting as a pastel teacher.
This is also your new way. You have lots of things.
Let's Enjoy!

I love my sister!!
She knows I was disappointed at the fact there were no tours since 311 and tried to find out the new way.

I took this photo in a different day. This is my lovely sister!

me and my little sister

I felt like I lost everything. But I didn't.
All what I can do is to walk on this way since there seems to be only one right now.
When the way is separated, I'll think at that time which way I'll choose.

My next workshop will be on Jul. 31st at my pottery school. Now 2 decided to join!
I'll wait for more people joining!!

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