time of change and growth

I haven't updated for 2 weeks! Thank you very much for visiting here while I was not updating.

I did many things past 2 weeks. I prepared for my first paste-painting workshop on July 9th. I advertised it in my Japanese-language blog. Happily and luckily, the class was filled up within one day! People who can't join this time request me to have more workshops.

I focused on doing something for a while and the next few days, I suddenly felt sleepy. This pattern was repeated these days. I'm originally very sensitive to energy, environment and people around me. Since I started new things, I need time to adjust myself to new environment.

It was the summer solstice today on June 22nd. The daytime was longer than the nigh time. From tomorrow, the night time is getting longer.

The power of sun was very strong as if its light had cleared up everything which had been hidden for a long time.

In Japan, after 311, people's consciousness have been changing. We knew we didn't know what would happen the next moment. Our life might be shorter than we expect.

Therefore things we used to consider important were and are being changed. The number of people who quite job and pursue what they really like to do is increasing.

I met one of my friends today. She worked at foreign-tourists divisions of travel agent. However, due to less foreign tourists and no tours, she was transferred to another division where she couldn't find job challenging.
She is thinking of changing jobs now.

Many Japanese face many changes like a change of job, marriage, divorce, move, illness and change of relationships and mind.

It is the time of change and growth for everyone in Japan.

I guess our situation might effect people in another couturiers because we are all connected at energy level. I hope everyone can choose his or her right path. The way you can choose your right path is to listen to your heart not to thought. Then allow yourself to follow the path.

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