videos of real Japan

I like to introduce videos of my tour!
They were made by Janice. She came to Japan with her husband in cherry blossoms season last year. It was her first visit to Japan. They joined a group. This group consisted of mainly Japanese-Americans. They come back to Japan periodically. It was my 4th trip with them. They are like my family.

Some of them were born in Japan and god married to American soldiers after WW2. Then they moved to USA with their husband when they finished their mission in Japan. In the beginning, wives had a hard time in USA because they couldn't understand English but they didn't have money to go back to Japan.
In addition to that, according to my mother's story, I think although they came back to Japan at that time, they might have been considered as somebody different and couldn't find their space even in Japan.
But the wives had babies and decided to live in USA. They are now in their 80's and they have a strong spirit.

And some of them were born in USA and have American citizenship. However, during WW2, all of their possessions were confiscated by American Government and they were gathered in concentration camps.
Men had to fight against Japanese as an American.

Snow falling on Cedars

It was a Big Contradiction!! I'm always upset and furious whenever I hear this kind of story. I read a book, `Snow falling on Cedars', watched movies related to this theme and listened to their stories whenever they come back to Japan.

the statue of Sadako 
at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

However, I had a chance to meet the 3rd, 4th and 5th generations of Japanese-Americans last summer.
Children told me that they researched A-bomb from Japanese side and their American friends researched from American side and shared their both views at class.
I was touched by that idea and believed those children are a symbol of our bright future without any boundaries. As an adult, we have to promise to protect them and their future!

Finally, I like to introduce Janice's videos. During their tour, I always speak English and Japanese because a few of them don't understand English. Although I speak the same things, they always listen to me attentively and do the same reaction. Although I speak twice, they forget because they are old, then I have to speak the same things again and again. They are like my young grandparents!

There are 4 videos but it isn't completed yet. I hope Janice will complete someday!!
Areas they visited are not visited by regular tourists. Those sites are very special to people like them.
You can see real life of Japan. Please enjoy them!

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