my first pastel class

I'm going to attend another pastel lesson this weekend and paint Mandala art which is something like 
a geometric pattern.
Although my sister never tries pastel-painting, she loves to join it. So I taught her how to paint and it was my first class at home.

Step1. It was the basic! We grind a pastel and use a finger to make a circle.

Step2. Another circle around the first one. If you use yellow, it looks like a circle shining.

Step3. Fill in the blank. In the beginning, we use ivory pastel to paint the paper.

Step3. We use special but easy techniques and it is completed!

We put it in a frame. We can turn the flame to find your favorite pattern depending on your mood of the day. The flowers in front was made of clay by my sister.

In an hour, she painted 3 paintings!!

It is a piece of cake!

I also have a Japanese-language blog, ohisamatonakayoshi.
My readers commented they would love to join my pastel class when I hold it.
I'm very happy to hear that and encouraged a lot!

I'll keep practicing!

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