Enoshima Aquarium

I went to an aquarium in Enoshima. The island connected by a bridge is called Enoshima. The aquarium is located just by the sea. My junior and high school is located near here. I sometimes jogged to here at physical education. I didn't like jogging...

For some of you who moved from Tokyo to Hakone when you were in Japan,  you drove along this seacoast and had a look at this island. I always explain this island.

In summer, there are so many surfers, swimmers and long traffic jams.

Last year, one popular drama was shooting in this aquarium. In the drama, a girl who had mishap met a man who worked here and also had a problem. He told her that jellyfish doesn't have a brain and is dissolved when it dies. She said she liked to be a jellyfish at first. But at the end, they overcame their difficulties together and she was happy to be a human.
Therefore, jellyfish is a must to see here!

On that day, there were sooooo many students including kindergarten and elementary kids.

Peaceful moment! I felt like receiving gifts from the universe!!

I don't know this is one of Japanese characteristics or it fits to all the nationalities.
Many of Japanese are good at giving but not used to receiving. I was taught to be nice and modest to others first. I sometimes feel guilty if somebody is nice to me first and feel I have to return as soon as possible.

Right now in the disaster-stricken areas, even the sufferers feel guilty because they survived and their houses were left. My area is also considered to be the stricken area but I didn't notice it until my friend in the west part of Japan told me because I'm safe at home. The atmosphere of guilt covers Japan.

But I try to change this idea. Now I think the more I receive, the more I can give. I can give others the same amount and quality of what I receive. The balance is always important.
At the same time, I like the idea of 'Pay it Forward'.

I wish I could swim like this person. One of my dreams is to swim with wild dolphins.

Dolphin show is another must to see!

Dolphins sing and dance together with instructors!

They are so clever!  In a part of my mind, I wonder how those dopiness feel and what their destiny is.
But I focused on enjoying myself.

Two dolphins swim together. They are mother and child.

Dolphins seem to be relaxing after the show.

The weather was very nice and I had a good time!

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