A Message from Kyoto 2011

This is a new video to introduce Kyoto area now made by the Japan Federation of Certified Guides which I belong to. I appreciate their effort to promote our safety. However those who made this video emphasize the safety in Kansai, the western part of Japan. Personally I feel a bit sad because Kanto, the eastern part of Japan sounds to have problems. It's true though. The tea plantation near Hakone beyond Tokyo found to be exposed to the radiation. The harvest of the tea should be abandoned. The truth is always hidden by the authorities and we are informed much later. Now many of us can't believe information brought by mass media. We know we had better to google or use another means.

But it's true Kansai area is safe and nothing is changed. If you are in Tokyo, you'll find less light, less operating escalators and drinking places closing early. I hope people in the normal area do their best and it brings to early recovery in our economy. Please enjoy the video!

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