New doors are opening!

It was my birthday yesterday! Thank you very much for lovely messages and presents!!
I heard delightful news from my friend in Holland. I'm happy to heart that! Thank you for sharing your happiness!!

I spent my birthday in a totally different way compared with previous years.
I was on a tour with a British group last year.

All the tour members were presented a copy of this hand-painting done by Mr. Robin. It was his first time to visit Japan. He had been dreaming of visiting Japan and painted this image. It is very beautiful and heart-warming!

As I mentioned several times, since 311, I have no tours. I miss my tours and my guests a lot.
However I feel it is a big turning point right now and new doors are opening for me.

On the day before my birthday, I was invited to a meeting where my spiritual friends practiced healing.
Most of them are professional healers and channelers. I'm not but I'm an interpreter for foreign healers and channelers. While I can translate them, I automatically acquire those abilities. However, I never thought I practiced more and counselled somebody. But now after attending the healing practice, my situation may be changed, I feel.

The above pictures were taken during healing workshop last month.
The picture below is from channeling workshop last November.

There were so many participants in only 2 workshops. This means many Japanese are spiritually awaken.
Many know materials don't make us happy any more.

Originally Japanese were very spiritual until WWⅡ. However, we lost the war, our basic idea was totally destroyed at that time and materialism was brought to Japan. People worked very hard to rebuild our land and materials became symbol of the status. It was true materials made our life convenient.
However, we finally realized we lost something important.

I said Japanese are spiritually awaken. More and more are awaken now especially after 311.
We try to remember our ability, open our heart and follow our heart not our thought.
We believe we can create our world by our intention. The law of attraction truly works in the universe.

On my birthday, I went to a pastel-painting class.

I painted all of them in one day. Finally I know how to paint roses! The painting of pyramids and an aurora is  strange since both of them never exist at the same time. But I learned the techniques and I felt I accomplished. After I submit several paintings to the pastel association, I can be semi-instructor and teach.

Now I feel new doors are opening right now. Lots of my fruitful future visions can be visualized now in my mind.
I like to paint, teach, do healing and channeling...etc. If I'm needed, I like to follow the path.
Right now, I just do whatever I can do and make me happy.
Carpe diem!!

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