practice pastel painting

I'm sorry I couldn't update for a week since I wasn't in a good condition. I almost recovered!
May is my birthday month. So many things are happening and changing practically and mentally in the birthday month. This sickness is something like great purification to me. I couldn't do anything and slept all day. Now I'm refreshed and start again!

Some say the true start of the year is from our birthday practically. Considering that fact, we have 3 chances to start again like the New Year, the lunar New Year and the birthday. Please use these 3 opportunities to refresh yourself and reconsider your life!

It was raining for a few days and it was hot and sunny like summer today. The weather is changeable now which is unusual.

Today I practiced painting pastel. The last lesson will be the day after tomorrow.
I had homework which was message painting for my classmates and Mother.
The below ones are for my classmates.

The message of the herat pastel painting is to listen to your heart which knows all the answers and takes you out to the colorful worlds. The classmate I like to give this to wants to change her career.

The other one is because sky, wind and earth are all connected wherever you are abundance pours over you. The other classmate used to live in Thailand and moves to US next. She worries because she can't  speak English.

So I wanted to encourage both of them and painted them!

Since last weekend was Mother's Day, I painted this for Mother. Actually my mother is not young like this.
But it's OK, Maybe I depicted a good part of my mother. After I showed this to my teacher, I'll present this to Mother.

This is the last one for me. I wanted to paint a rose but I couldn't... The rose changed into heart. I like it!
At next lesson, I'll ask my teacher how to paint roses. I want to improve a lot!!

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