pastel painting

A holiday-studded week called `Golden Week' started!
I'll meet my friends, go to a concert and do some art works.

I went to a pastel painting class. It is a 3-day class and I finished 2 days. The last day will be the 15th.
I love painting! I sketched for a while but drawing by only a pencil was not very fun to me.

I love colors very much! 48 colorful pastels make me very happy. I felt like I went back to my childhood. The above paintings were done by the first day. I learn only basic skill. I'll paint as many paintings as possible until the last lesson.

At the 2nd day, I painted one based on the image of some music.

The music of my image was the one below I introduced on my blog before.
Once I listened to it, I can't forget it.

The left side of the painting depicts the past and the right does the future.
From the psychological view, it explains. I know it so I depicted the painting in that way, expecting the bright future.

But if we put this upside-down, it looks different!
It seems to say although our future is unknown and unseen, our brightness and brilliance can scatter the darkness so trust ourselves and the bright future.

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