angel of truth

This is today's sun. I haven't taken photos of sun for many days. I even forgot it.
Many things were happening to me these days. Actually things changed mentally rather than practically.
Right now, I have no tours and I can choose whatever I like to do. However, the situation in Japan is not improved yet. The atmosphere in Japan is still depressed.

`Golden Week' is coming soon. From Apr. 29th to May 5th, we have a holiday-studded week called `Golden Week'.

April 29 is `Showa no Hi' which is used to be the birthday of ex-Emperor, Hiroshito.
May 3 is the Constitutional Day.
May 4 is the Green Day.
May 5 is the Children's Day which is used to be Boys' Day until WW2.

Some office workers use paid-holiday and take 10-day holiday if they wish.

This period is usually busy tourists season but in addition to the disaster, due to increasing the price of gasoline, much less people travel.

Our spirit and mind are not stable yet. We are easily damaged by the outside factors.
But I believe when we can find ourselves and our value in spite of what is happening outside, those stability and trust reflect the world outside and Japan will be stable and safe.
This world is a mirror which reflects our inside.
Each of us has power to change our world by changing our inner world.
Focus on love, light and hope inside of ourselves.

I often use cards to get messages. Today's message is `Angel of Truth'.

The message of `Angel of Truth'
What do YOU like to do?
Find your own true desire and feeling!

 I like to find what I like to do and put importance on my own value.
Actually I already made plans to do but still not enough.
I realize I am much more powerful than I thought.

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