A Song for Japan

Cherry blossoms are very beautiful in Japan now. It started blooming from the south and in Hokkaido, the northern island, we can enjoy the blossoms in May.
When cherry blossoms are in bloom, the weather is usually changeably. It wan windy today and will be rainy tomorrow. We always wait for the best timing for the cherry blossoms viewing. If the weather is good on Sunday, I like to go to Kamakura to enjoy the blossoms.

I usually travel with cherry blossoms all over Japan but all the tours were canceled after the earthquakes. No tourists in group come to Japan. A few private tourists are found in Kyoto area. I don't have enough chances to see cherry blossoms this year. I'm crazy about all species of cherry blossoms.

We still have earthquakes almost everyday. Last night, we had a big earthquake. The magnitude at the epicenter was 7.4. There was Tsunami warning but there was no problem.

I was among the generations who didn't know wars and serious crisis. My mother was born during the Second World War, she was evacuated in Hokkaido with her parents and she had a hard time, she said.
But now all the generations in Japan go through hardships. When I was on the train, I heard a teenager said she would like to live for at least 10 more years. Everything was changed only in one moment. Now many of us realize we don't know the next moment. Therefore we appreciate each moment now.

There are many songs to encourage Japan at YouTube. Some of them are linked to many blogs in Japan. All of us encourage each other. Now the slogan I often see and hear is `Hitotsu ni naro Nippon', which means `Let's become one, Japan'.

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