Sakura near my home

Cherry blossoms, Sakura near my home are also very beautiful. Cherry-blossoms tunnel!

Cherry blossom last only for 2 weeks so they are ending soon. Before ending, the scenes of blossoms rain, blossoms carpet, blossoms everywhere are very dreamy, which is my most favorite moment.


The love for cherry blossoms are deeply rooted in our DNA. Many poets have composed poems related cherry blossoms since ancient period.
And cherry blossoms end without hesitation which matched the Samurai Spirit. Samurai, warrior always prepared for dying at the battle fields without hesitation.

We enjoy all the process of cherry blossoms, Sakura from beginning to ending. After the blossoms are gone, we still enjoy its leaves called Hazakura, Leave Blossoms.
After Sakura, many beautiful flowers like azaleas, irises and hydrangeas start to bloom. Beautiful season has come!

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