alomost Full Moon

It's going to be a full moon on Apr. 18. I love the moon cycle. When it is the day of the new moon, we make wishes and while the moon is waxing, we picture our wishes are coming true.
When it is the full moon, this is the day when we release unnecessary thoughts, emotions and old patterns which don't work any more. When the moon is waning, it's good for diet, beauty and so on.
There are many books which tell us how to use the moon cycle.

Japanese had used the lunar calender until 1872. We had the seclusion policy until 1868 and under this policy, only China, Korea and Dutch were allowed to come to Japan. However, in 1853, the Americana Commodore, Perry came to Japan and there was a big change.
I abbreviate it here.
Anyway, we opened our society to foreign couturiers and Western culture were flooded into Japan.
And the Samurai Society ended.

The solar calender was one of them which came to Japan at that time. According to the new solar calender, the new government proclaimed the day of Dec. 3rd, 1875 became Jan. 1st, 1876.
A- month difference is big!! The agricultural society still conduct seeding, harvesting and so on based on the lunar calender. Our traditional Japaneses calender has 2 dates of the solar and lunar calenders.

The solar cycle is new to our DNA. I prefer living with the moon cycle to the solar cycle. We celebrate events like New Year twice by the 2 cycles. More and more of us realize how easier to live with the moon cycle than with solar cycle and like to go back to old times.

Especially after this disasters, we look back to old days and learn how old people lived. Some devastated areas can't get water, gas and light yet. People there have to go to river to get water and gather and cut wood for fuel. They started to grow food by themselves.

Even in other areas which haven't damaged, we start to think how to manage by ourselves because we may not have enough electrical power this summer. The planned blackout was canceled now but it may start again anytime in the future. I believe we'll abandon the nuclear power. There were and will be demonstrations against the nuclear power in Japan. As many notice, we are very peaceful citizens and there haven't be demonstrations like this for many years. They are not wild type of demos and they are more like Peace Walk.

It is a bit off topic of today. Anyway, I like to say we can find out good merits in old life patterns.

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