Spring Art Craft Fair

Today, I went to help my pottery school which joined the Spring Art Craft Fair.
Last night, it was raining heavily but it was sunny today.
However, I had to stay outside and felt very cold!

They were all theachers' handmade cups and bowls. Some of them were for children.

It is good for children to use real cups and bowls rather than plastic ones. Their sense will be improved.
Children themselves held cups, enjoyed the texture of pottery and chose what they liked.

There was a corner where people try making whatever they like to make by electric wheel.
Teachers help them and even small children can make something.
After making a shape, shaving and glazing will be done by teachers.

You can try painting too! It's fun to make your original bowl and cup.

I have been making pottery for 5 years. I'm not good but I love the texture of the clay.
Although I have stress and am disappointed, I can forget everything and refresh while making something. It's good to have hobbies which help you balance your social life with private life.
I'll start pastel painting next!

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