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3 weeks have passed since the earthquakes.  Mr. Sarközy, French President and the specialists of the nuclear power stations arrived in Japan to help us. If our situation was very severe, he might not have come, some think.
As of today, 11,600 died, 16,400 still missing and 168,000 are evacuated. Japan's Self Defence Force and US Army started searching the missing for 3 days from today.

In Japan, the fiscal and school year start in April. During this situation, many feel new start from today!!

Tomorrow, I'll be an interpreter at workshop. After the earthquakes, my tours were canceled. So I'm happy to work!

Mamiko, me and David

Mamiko and David are my mentors and friends, living in Hawaii. I met Mamiko 2 years ago at her workshop.
Many participants liked to be a counselor after the workshop. However, I didn't like to be the one.
After the workshop was over, I went to her and said that I wouldn't be a counselor but an interpreter of spiritual teachers. I didn't need to say that but I couldn't resist it.
The funny thing was she was looking for an interpreter for her husband, David.
I met David last year and started working as his interpreter since then.

They are in Japan now. Many of their family, friends and coworkers stopped them from coming to Japan during this situation. But they came and will have workshops for 4 days from tomorrow.

The workshops are about spiritual healing. Some of you wonder what it is.
According to this healing they invented, our body consists of 4 bodies, physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body. We'll heal and balance all 4 bodies by using special techniques.

While I'm his interpreter, I automatically acquired this skill.

If I have chance, I'll write about it later.

I won't be able to update for a few days.
But don't worry! I'll be OK!

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