First Visit to Meiji Shinto Shrine

On Jan.11th, I went to Meiji Shinto Shrine  in Tokyo.
It is one of the most famous spots in Tokyo.
I often start tours from this shrine and pray for the safe journey in Japan.

This is the first gate of the shrine. It's HUGE!! The population of Japan is 127 million.
More than half of Japanese visit a temple or a shrine for the first 3 days of the New Year
to pray for health, happiness, success...etc. of the year.
I avoid these crowded days and visited there with my friends.

I walked all the way to the main edifice. This gate is just in front of it and was decorated with the New Year ornaments. 2011 is the year of Rabbit, which is the symbol of prosperity.

This is the main edifice. Unlike churches, we can't enter further inside.
We approached as close as possible and gave special prayers at 11:11.
The purpose to visit this shrine was we liked to give prayers at 11:11 on Jan. 11th 2011.
11-1-11-11:11 Good Omen!!
Unfortunately I didn't know the prayer... I was just talking to the Shinto God!

After we gave prayers, I wrote my wishes on Ema, a votive picture tablet.
Later the tablets will be burned by fire to make our wishes come true.
My wish is Top Secret!!

I wish all the people allow themselves to be the happiest!!

It was a nice start of 2011!!


  1. Very Nice Chiaki, I will follow your adventures with great interest. Nice to see..


  2. Thank you, Per!! I hope lots of adventures ahead of me! I try to see Japan again from your point of view!