Hello, all my friends!!

My name is Chiaki! I'm an English-speaking tour guide in Japan.
I escort groups of people from all over the world.

For friends I already met,
Thank you for having visited my beautiful country and keeping in touch with me!
The days with you are still shining in my heart.
I finally started this English blog to let you know what I'm doing and the latest news of Japan...etc.
I hope I can see you again in Japan or in your country!!

For future friends,
Japan is a beautiful country! People are polite and kind. Food is superb!
Please visit my country someday in the nearest future!
But I'm sorry I can't be hired without referral.
I hope you enjoy photos and information in my blog!!

I also write Japanese blog.
Although you can't read Japanese, I hope you enjoy my photos taken during the tour.
Ohisama means Sun in a cute way.
To is a postpositiona particle.
Nakayoshi means Be a good friend with or get alog with.
I'm a good friend with Sun!

Since my name, Chiaki literally means Thousands Shining in Japanese, 
I feel strong connection with Sun!
I love to take photos of sun!!

Please sometimes visit my blog!
Please let me know your latest information!
Have fun!!


  1. Hello,Chiaki!
    Congratulations to open this beautiful blog.
    How brightly your sun's photo is!
    Thank you and I love your name "Thousands Shining".

  2. For Junko, Thank you very much for the first comment!
    I didn't expect somebody to leave comments.
    I'm very happy!
    Please sometimes check my blog!

  3. Hello, Chiaki, you´re a small sun for your friends.

  4. Thank you, L'ubica! Did you notice the photo you took? I love it!! You make me shine!