Beautiful Sunset

This was the sunset of yesterday.

When I went grocery-shopping yesterday,
the red of the sunset was so beautiful
that I tried to find the place where it started from.

I found the breathtaking beautiful sunset.

And Mt. Fuji could be seen clearly and magnificently.

I regretted not having a camera with me.
But I kept the beautiful scene in my heart so that I could paint it later. 

Clouds reflected the sunset and shone pink and red.

The upper air was still blue and the shadow of clouds had different colors.

What a beautiful world it was!!

I wish I could depict this beautiful world more accurately.

But considering I didn't have any tools to express my world,
I couldn't be happier.

My world was drastically changed after I learned pastel-painting.

At the same time, I realized words delivered only a little.

I promised myself to feel and receive by my heart
and to express this love-filled world by a variety of ways.

This world is filled with much love.

I feel that love very deep in my heart.

I trust and express that love.

Thank you for letting me notice it.



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